Extremely high potency and a delicious taste of fresh sweet berries

Zoomiez is the result of crossing a carefully selected Biscotti Gushers and an outstanding Crescendo. Biscotti Gushers is an indica dominant strain with an extremely high potency and a delicious taste of fresh sweet berries, while Crescendo is indica dominant, also extremely high in THC and has an intense fruity berry aroma. After a long process of selection and further stabilization, we have developed a strain that offers a deliciously intense combination of flavors and enormous potency.
  • up to 32% THC
  • Biscotti Gushers x Crescendo
  • 550 g/m² • 900-1000 g/plant
  • 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
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Zoomiez’s high comes on quickly and builds over time. Already after the first exhalation, the mind is filled with feelings of happiness and at the same time you are completely relaxed, in tune with the world around you. You experience a feeling of pure joy and lightness. The effect creeps insidiously and strongly into the mind and body and fills you with tingling, stimulating and downright magical effects. These effects are accompanied by a great desire for adventure and enterprise, you become creative and sociable at the same time. Your spirit flies higher and higher and you feel full of energy and joy for hours.

This effect and the extremely high THC content of up to 32% make the strain a valuable medical strain that is helpful in chronic pain, depression , listlessness, loss of appetite and mood swings.

Zoomiez is relatively easy to grow. Her high is both cerebral and physical as well as psychoactive. Zoomiez is therefore the perfect strain for the experienced recreational user. The complex and balanced terpene profile ensures a super delicious sweet taste reminiscent of candy and cotton candy with the addition of a gentle floral note.

Within 9-10 weeks of flowering, this premium strain develops round, beautiful and very heavy buds that are overly coated in a thick, frosty layer of golden crystal trichomes, enveloping you and the entire grow space in a wonderful cloud of aroma Plants from seeds grow solid, robust and can be cultivated in both a SOG and a SCROG setup. Indoors the strain produces yields of 500-550g/m² and outdoors a plant can easily tip the scales in at 1000g. The plants reach a medium height and become real eye-catchers with a powerful headbud. A strain you can’t live without and a must-try.

Zoomiez a valuable medical strain that is helpful in chronic pain, depression , listlessness, loss of appetite and mood swings.

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Indoor ? Yes
Outdoor ? Yes
Cannabis Genetics Biscotti Gushers x Crescendo
Flowering Time ? 10 weeks
THC V.Strong
THC notes up to 32%
Aroma floral, candy
Yield Notes 550 g/m² • 900-1000 g/plant
Mainly Sativa ? Yes
Greenhouse ? Yes

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