MiG-29 Automatic
Ready for take-off? MiG-29 Automatic is a high-flying powerhouse with monster yields & extreme power thanks to G-13 Haze genetics. Fast, fruity & extremely balanced, MiG-29 Automatic will launch you into outer space in just 65 days from seed!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Nothing Takes You Higher than Supersonic MiG-29 Automatic Cannabis Seeds!

    Named for an elite fighter jet, MiG-29 Automatic is a tiny, autoflowering dwarf with nuclear-level power. If you can handle the G’s, this baby’ll send you flying higher than any other strain!

    MiG-29 Automatic Seeds get incredible Sativa power & quality from G13-Haze, but the Ruderalis balances it out with just a touch of Indica. The highs are complex & sophisticated with both a mind & a body buzz.

    • MiG-29 Automatic is Sticky to the Fans!
    • Equally Good Inside or Out
    • Tough, Hardy & Beginner Friendly
    • Stratospheric Mind & Body Highs

    This Super Auto easily breaks the sound barrier with incredible speeds. Auto Seeds MiG-29 Automatic only needs 65 to 80 days to go from tiny bean to rockin’ finish!

    MiG-29 Automatic Cannabis Seeds are discreet & stealthy with a tiny 30 cm height, but this autoflowering hybrid can reach a full meter in hydro. Big or small, you’ll never forget the power, the lush fruity flavours or the complex highs MiG-29 delivers!

    5 Seeds
    Flowering Time
    Thc Level
    High : 15% +
    Height Notes
    30 to 100 cm
    Sativa >50% Cannabis Seeds
    Flowering Time Notes
    60 to 85 Days from Seed
    Cannabis Genetics
    G13 Haze X Ruderalis

    For just the right balance of power, yield & high, buy MiG-29 Automatic Cannabis Seeds! These monsters will hit your head & your body with enough g-force to launch you straight into orbit, and the yields are outta-sight too!

    MiG-29 Automatic will send you flying, but The Rhino’s prices on these 5-star autoflowering seeds are down to Earth! We offer the best deals and the fastest shipping in the UK. When you buy MiG-29 Automatic from us, they’re not delivered by super-sonic jet – it just seems that way!

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    MiG-29 Automatic is a potent cannabis seed covered by the Auto Seeds brand. Auto Seeds is a leading supplier of next generation autoflowering marijuana seeds. This elite breeder combines the world’s best traditional strains with high-performance Ruderalis generics to create AutoFems that have the same level of power, yield and effect as their traditional counterparts. Auto Seeds never disappoints!