Purple Cheese
Blue Cheese lovers take note! Purple Cheese takes the best of Blue Cheese & adds in a little Purple #1 for amped-up colours & a touch more fruit. If you’re looking for a muted Cheese strain that gets it done in 80 days or less, go with Purple Cheese!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Purple Cheese Squeezes Intense Power & Incredible Flavour Out of the Smallest Spaces!

    If you love Cheese but need to keep it on the down-low, check out Purple Cheese. This tiny autoflowering dwarf is perfect for closets, balconies or anyplace that requires a little extra concealment. Prying eyes are not a problem with Purple Cheese Seeds!

    Purple Cheese Auto is a potent combination of everyone’s favourite Blue Cheese, the lovely Purple #1 & Autos Seeds’ own Auto #1. The colours are magnificent, the power is incredible and the flavour is a lush mix of fruit & muted musky cheese.

    • Purple Cheese Has High CBD & THC Levels
    • Only Needs 60 to 80 Days from Seed
    • Lovely Purple & Blue Hues
    • Intoxicating Body Stones

    The addition of Purple #1 also tones down the intense Cheesy smell Blue Cheese Feminized is famous for – a very important thing if you’re in true stealth mode. With Purple Cheese Feminized, you can enjoy this blend absolutely anywhere!

    Under the right conditions, Purple Cheese Cannabis Seeds turn into a technicoloured marvel that many swear is Photoshopped. Just remember some cold night air is required for the glitzy neon hues you see here.

    Flowering Time
    Thc Level
    High : 15% +
    Height Notes
    50 to 80 cm
    Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
    Flowering Time Notes
    60 to 80 Days from Seed
    Cannabis Genetics
    Blue Cheese X Purple #1 X Auto #1
    High CBD

    If you’re looking for a new twist on everyone’s favourite flavour, buy Purple Cheese Cannabis Seeds today! This fully autoflowering strain is simply amazing with a fruity essence that tempers the strong Cheese flavour to make it more appealing to a wider audience.

    The low prices, discreet packaging and fast delivery offered by Rhino Seeds speak to everyone! If you want farm-fresh beans that get there in a flash without emptying your wallet, buy Purple Cheese from The Rhino today! You’ll be glad you did.

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    Purple Cheese is a delectable autoflowering seed created by Auto Seeds. As the leading force of modern automatic technology, Auto Seeds transforms the world’s best traditional strains into powerful automatic weed weapons with incredible power, unbelievable yields and brilliant effects. If you’re looking for super-easy weed that keeps on giving, make it an authentic Auto Seeds’ product.