Ultra Lemon Haze

A special favourite for Auto Seeds & The Rhino, Ultra Lemon Haze is a sharp, citrus-flavoured Sativa with incredible psychedelic power. Ultra Lemon Haze requires a bit more work than most autoflowering weed seeds, but it’s well worth it!
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Ultra Lemon Haze is a Tart Autoflowering Sativa with Soaring Psychedelic Highs

With an impressive family tree that includes multi-cup winning Super Lemon Haze, delicious Sour Diesel & high-performance Auto #1, Ultra Lemon Haze is a very special Autoflowering Cannabis Seed & Rhino favourite.

Ultra Lemon Haze seeds have a sharp citrus flavour with distinct notes of fresh lemon and tantalizing pink grapefruit, but you can still taste just a bit of Sour Diesel in the mix. These AutoFems are scrumptious!

  • Ultra Lemon Haze is Citrus Perfection!
  • Lemon Haze X Sour Diesel X Auto #1
  • Sharp Lemon & Zesty Pink Grapefruit Flavours
  • A Distinctly Psychedelic Sativa!

True to their Sativa-dominant nature, Ultra Lemon Haze Auto has long, elegant nuggs, but they’re dense rather than fluffy. They take a bit longer and need more work that the typical autoflowering cannabis seed, but the final results are so worth it!

In the end, Ultra Lemon Haze Cannabis Seeds are spectacular with a distinctly psychedelic effect that somehow balances the soaring cerebral high with a relaxing body buzz for just the right mix. She’s truly amazing!

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Indoor ? Yes
Outdoor ? Yes
Thc Level ? High : 15% +
Cannabis Genetics Super Lemon Haze X Sour Diesel X Auto #1
Flowering Time ? Autoflowering
Height notes 65 to 100 cm
Flowering Outdoors 80 to 100 Days from Seed
Greenhouse ? Yes
Ultra Lemon Haze is a tart, refreshing autoflowering strain crafted by Auto Seeds. As the leader in automatic technology, Auto Seeds packs a full load of power, yield & effect into the tiniest autoflowering dwarves. For beginner-friendly cannabis seeds of the highest quality, fill your collection with authentic Auto Seeds!