Crimea Blue Seeds
A winner of the 2007 Cannabis Cup Indica, Crimea Blue Feminized finishes fast and pumps out the power. Once you get a sample of Crimea Blue Feminized’s delightful mix of Blueberry and Crimean Hash flavours, you’ll realize that nothing ever tasted so good!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Crimea Blue Feminized is a delicious combination of Blueberry and Crimean Hash that results in a surprising mix of flavours including rosemary and lemon peel. Filled with power, this Indica-dominant strain delivers a long-lasting, psychoactive effect that goes all day long!

    This new strain has a lovely lavender appearance thanks to a healthy dose of genetics from the Blue Family. Crimea Blue Feminized is known for large and fluffy with yields that reach 500 gr/m2 under optimal conditions.

    • 1.2% CBD and 18% THC Levels
    • Astounding 55 to 65 Day Finish
    • Indica Dominant Mix of Blueberry and Crimean Hash
    • 2007 Cannabis Cup Indica Champion

    Crimea Blue Feminized Seeds remain short, thick and bushy for a very manageable structure. If you like to keep your effort to a minimum and your collection on the down-low, you should definitely give Crimea Blue Feminized a go.

    You can rely on your new Crimea Blue Feminized Seeds to be the genuine article, but they won’t look like this. They are intended for collection purposes only. In the UK, germination and cultivation are prohibited by law.

    5 seeds
    10 Pack
    Got this one as a present for my boyfriend, and he loved it. We'd never heard about it before, but now it's a definite favourite with everyone we know - or trust enough to share it with.
    Barbie - 04 September 2012 01:04:35

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