Critical Kush
25% THC in 8 weeks says it all! But, we’ll tell you the rest anyway! Critical Kush Feminized is a tasty mix of Critical Mass & OG Kush with a knock-out stone and phenomenal yields!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Critical Kush Feminized is practically lethal at 25% THC and 2.1% CBD. If you think you need more than that, you’ve got a death wish!

    A robust Indica, Critical Kush Feminized offers huge yields of some of the stoniest Kush we’ve ever seen. It combines that classic flavour and aroma with an unbelievable amount of sticky, crystal-covered nuggs.

    • Critical Mass X OG Kush – Gangsta!
    • 25% THC & 2.1% CBD – Killa!
    • 8 Week Finish – For the Playa!
    • 750 gr/m2 – Blunt-Worthy!

    In about 8 weeks, you’ll enjoy the most laid-back night of your life. Critical Kush Feminized Seeds are known to relax the body to relieve everyday aches & pains for a wonderful late-night smoke. Tasty blaze awaits!

    Get the real deal at Rhino! We only deal in 100% authentic Critical Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds produced by Barney’s Farm, but they don’t look like this. Instead, they are sold as collectible items to individuals who have no intention of breaking the law by cultivating or germinating their new beans.

    Flowering Time
    7-8 weeks
    Strain Notes
    Critical Mass X OG Kush
    THC Notes
    25% THC & 2.1% CBD
    Indoor Yield
    750 gr/m2
    Critical Kush is one cannabis seed that lives up to its name. You'll get everything you expect with this one.
    Ted - 04 September 2012 01:02:44
    Brilliant seeds, brilliant packaging and brilliant service. Rhino seeds surpassed all expectations:)
    Ginjaninja76 - 14 October 2012 09:36:04
    these seeds are absolute hardcore pure speckled heaven, one of the best kush ive seen you cant go wrong with a live wire like this.take your brain to ANOTHER DIMENTION have a bit of critical sweeeet.
    william orr - 30 November 2012 09:54:08

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    For high-performance cannabis seeds, you'll never go wrong with Barney’s Farm! This elite breeder started gathering the best genetics for their breeding program in the 1980s, and they haven’t stopped impressing the entire world with their masterpieces yet. In fact, they knock ‘em out at the Cannabis Cup almost every year. If you want a Cup-Winning strain that comes direct from the source, Barney’s Farm is the place to go for championship quality in standard, feminized or fully autoflowering form. Check ‘em out!