Orange Cream
The details haven't been released, but we're predicting Barney's Farm Orange Cream will be a new taste sensation that wins the hearts, the minds & the souls of a whole new generation of cannabis seed collectors. Probably a mix of Californian Orange Bud & Cream Caramel, the quality will by sky high - just like the yield, the power & the resin content. Keep an eye out so you can get you some at the first opportunity!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Soon to be Released
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Californian Orange Bud X Cream Caramel? We Hope So!

Orange Cream Seeds aren't here yet, but they will be soon! If the name is any indication, they'll taste like a Creamsicle - tart orange at first, before the creamy vanilla center melts in your mouth with a burst of sweet, silky goodness. If that's not true … it should be!

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  • Brand New for 2016 - Fresh & Ready to Go

Barney's Farm has earned world-wide fame for exceptional quality, reliable features and outstanding potency, and there's no reason to think that their Orange Cream strain will be any different. If this 100% feminized seeds measures up to their other recent releases, you can bet these babies will exceed 20% THC by more than a few clicks on the dial. Keep an eye out for their arrival!

Like all our regular and feminized cannabis seeds, Rhino Seeds has the best prices you'll find on Barney's Farm Orange Cream Seeds! Available in three convenient pack sizes, we'll have exactly what you're looking from a 3-pack that'll give you a little taste to a massive 10-pack that'll satisfy all your desires for tart, citrusy goodness. They'll be here soon!

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NB: If you're thinking about an Orange Cream grow, close the page & move on. Gorilla Seeds only sells cannabis seeds for collection & preservation purposes according to UK law. If we think you will do anything illegal with your purchase, we can & will cancel your order & issue a full refund.

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Barney's Farm has not yet released their official Orange Cream Seeds description including parents, power rating & yield, so we're in the dark as much as you are. However, the predictions for this incredible weed seed are stellar! If the experts are right, it's only a matter of time before they reach championship status!

Our best guess is that Orange Cream Cannabis Seeds will be a premium mix of Caramel Cream & a citrusy strain like Californian Orange Bud. If so, you better stand back because these resin-encrusted beauties will be ready to explode with both power & flavour. We'll all know soon enough - they're due to arrive any day now!

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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Soon to be Released
  • More Details Coming
  • Stay Tuned!

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Orange Cream is a tempting cannabis seed propagated by the Barney's Farm Seed Company for 2016. The Barney's Farm brand is responsible for an amazing array of highly sought-after feminized seeds including Critical Kush, Pineapple Chunk & Vanilla Kush. If you're looking for weed seeds that never disappoint, go with genuine Barney's Farm Seeds - you won't be sorry!