Buddha Tahoe
Buddha Tahoe Feminized is a super-strong Indica from across the pond! A new take on OG Kush, this 2011 HTCC winner has already earned its title as the Godfather of Weed. For original gangsta’ highs and a sharp lemony flavour, blaze on with Buddha Tahoe Fe
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Buddha Tahoe Feminized is all American, all Indica, all Kush and all powerful! Known as the Godfather of Weed, this 2011 HTCC winner will knock you out with a single sharp, lemony punch!

    Big Buddha picked up the original OG Kush cutting from Cali Connection out of California and kicked it up a notch with a reverse breeding program. Buddha Tahoe Feminized Seeds are even better than their West-Coast cousins with a lush appearance, tight, potent nuggs and a sharp, edgy flavour that mixes lemon, hash and Kush.

    • OG Kush Tahoe Cut – AKA Tahoe OG Reversed
    • 3rd Place Overall Winner of the 2011 HTCC – The Godfather of Weed!
    • 8 to 9.5 Week Finish – It’s Super Weed!
    • 100% American IndicaKush, Lemony & Sharp!

    When you go with Buddha Tahoe Feminized, this Original Gangsta’ is ready to roll in just 8 to 9 short weeks! How ‘bout that for some drive-by blaze? You’ll never know what hit you!

    If you’re looking for true-blue Buddha Tahoe Feminized Cannabis Seeds, Rhino has your back! These are the real deal, but they don’t look like this description. Instead, they’re dormant collectibles. All germination and cultivation activities are prohibited per UK law.

    Flowering Time
    8-9 weeks
    Flowering Outdoors
    End of October
    Cup Winner
    Sativa/Indica Notes
    100% American Indica
    Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
    Cannabis Cup Information:
    3rd Place Overall Winner of the 2011 HTCC
    I was expecting great things from this one since it did so well at High Times and it didn't disappoint. I'm a happy boy!
    Jaime - 07 September 2012 01:17:25

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    Big Buddha Seeds is a true UK institution! In addition to winning at the High Times Cannabis Cup and Spannabis year after year, the Fat Man is the official holder of the infamous UK/Exodus Cheese. By using this legendary strain as the Big Daddy of his illustrious line of Cheese hybrids, Big Buddha has won the hearts of stoners around the world. Whether you go with Big Buddha Cheese, Blue Cheese or one of his non-Cheese specials, you’ll love these feminized cannabis seeds!