LA Cheese
It’s finally here! LA Cheese won big at the 2010 HTCC, but Big Buddha held tight to this baby until 2012. Brand new for this year, LA Cheese is a mind-blowing mix of a UK classic & a Cali super star!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Your favourite Cheese just took a little trip to Hollywood and came back with a brand new super star! LA Cheese is guaranteed to be the hottest new strain of 2012.

    LA Cheese Seeds are a stupendous mix of old-school Big Buddha Cheese and Cali’s best-selling LA Confidential. This hot new cannabis seed is exactly what great weed is supposed to be from its intense retro high to its extremely strong, extra-dank flavour.

    • LA Confidential X Big Buddha Cheese
    • 3rd Best Strain at the 2010 Cannabis Cup
    • Long-Lasting Physical Stones – 90% Indica
    • Old-School All the Way from the Flavour to the High!

    This rich connoisseur strain has just been released to an adoring public, but it’s already won several competitions including 3rd best strain at the 2010 High Times Cannabis Cup. With this kind of power, we expect Big Buddha’s LA Cheese to hog the spotlight for years!

    LA Cheese Cannabis Seeds are so good they’re making the Rhino think about making his own move to LA LA Land, but we’re keeping a close eye on him to make sure he stays put! Who else would be able to come up with all those crazy ideas like paying you to price our seeds and giving away half our inventory on Twitter? On second thought, maybe we should buy him a first-class ticket!

    Flowering Time
    8-12 weeks
    Flowering Outdoors
    Cup Winner
    Sativa/Indica Notes
    90% Indica
    Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
    Flowering Time Notes
    55 to 70 Days
    Cannabis Genetics
    LA Confidential X Big Buddha Cheese

    If you’re ready to buy LA Cheese Cannabis Seeds, don’t wait too long! True Cannabis Fans have been waiting for almost two years for this marijuana seed to arrive, and we’re expecting the pent-up demand to drive sales through the roof.

    When you buy LA Cheese from Rhino Seeds, you’ll get rockin' power & awesome highs, but you’ll also get something else. Absolutely no other seed bank guarantees every single bean they sell! If you aren’t absolutely ecstatic about LA Cheese, let us know and we’ll make it right!

    Makes me want to buy a one-way ticket to Hollyweird!
    John - 07 September 2012 01:32:50

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    Big Buddha Seeds is a true UK institution! In addition to winning at the High Times Cannabis Cup and Spannabis year after year, the Fat Man is the official holder of the infamous UK/Exodus Cheese. By using this legendary strain as the Big Daddy of his illustrious line of Cheese hybrids, Big Buddha has won the hearts of stoners around the world. Whether you go with Big Buddha Cheese, Blue Cheese or one of his non-Cheese specials, you’ll love these feminized cannabis seeds!