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Big Freeze thumbnail

Big Freeze

Candied Vanilla Taste with Hints of Banana - 20% THC!

Big Freeze is a regular resin factory with trichomes packed triple deep thanks to a heavy dose of White genetics. Sweet Tooth, another legendary strain, contributes the flavour & Big Head #1 is totally responsible for the 600 gr/m2 yield. Brilliant!

  • Positive High - Uplifting & Happy
  • Massive Cola - Dense & Rocky
Big Stilton Auto thumbnail

Big Stilton Auto

Up to 400 gr/m2 in 10 Weeks? You Bet!

Big Stilton Auto has it all! Intense taste & smell, 15+% THC & 400 gr/m2 of big, bright-green flowers that ooze with resin. Plus, she's practically foolproof with a high resistance to pests & mould. What you waiting for? Order today!

  • Short Nodes for More Bud Sites
  • Up to 60 gr/seed Outside
Bubblehead #13 thumbnail

Bubblehead #13

Sugary Frost & Taste Paired with 20% THC!

Bubblehead #13 is a bona fide winner in our book! She's got a sugary-sweet flavour, immense power & all the resin you'd expect from certified White genetics. This 100% feminized seed simply oozes with THC-infused goodness!

  • Euphoria Followed By Total Sedation
  • Rock Hard Buds - Gigantic Central Cola
Buzz 'n' Smiles thumbnail

Buzz 'n' Smiles

Functional Buzz & Smiles All Around - 26% THC!

Happy, euphoric & totally chill, Buzz 'N' Smiles is everything you want in a premium cannabis seed. After a reasonable 9-week finish, the buds will be big & frosty, oozing with 26% THC and weighing in at 700 gr/m2. Rhino approved!

  • Rich Citrus Taste & Smell
  • Huge Central Cola for Easy Trims
Crystal Gelato thumbnail

Crystal Gelato

Uplifting with a Slight Relaxing Chill - 25% THC!

Devoid of couchlock, Crystal Gelato is a highly resinous Cookie strain with immense power. The effects are calm, clear & uplifting with just the right amount of physical chill - tastes like sweet berries with a tart citrus twist. Yummy!

  • Needs an 8 to 9 Week Finish
  • Some Experience Recommended
Dogstar Dawg thumbnail

Dogstar Dawg

Packed with Chemdawg Power - 24% THC!

Big Head Seeds is proud to bring you a heavy-yielding, much improved Chemdawg blend with extremely high THC levels & a dank, Diesely flavour & aroma. She's up & happy with an energetic, social edge & just a hint of physical chill.

  • Sativa Dominant - Happy, Up, Energetic
  • Heavy with Resin Crystals
Easy AK XL thumbnail

Easy AK XL

Fast & Easy AK-47 - 8 Weeks, 20% THC

AK-47 simply doesn't get easier or faster than this! Finish without a bit of problems after a short, 8-week bloom with up to 550 gr/m2 of deadly strong, resin-encrusted, lemon-pepper scented buds. This is the one you've been waiting for!

  • Top-Rated Quality - No Disappointment Here!
  • Resistant to Stress, Pests & Mould
Freeze Berry Auto thumbnail

Freeze Berry Auto

Euphoric Highs, Sugary Sweet, 8 Weeks from Seed!

Freeze Berry Seeds were the result of an open-air breeding accident, but they're still top-notch. Buds are dense & frost covered with an impressive 15% THC rating. And, you can't complain about the speed!

  • Up, Clear, Happy, Euphoric - Mostly Cerebral
  • Very Stable with Huge, Resin-Swollen Buds
Head Stash Auto thumbnail

Head Stash Auto

Totally Mental & Insanely Fast - 6 Weeks from Seed!

It's hard to believe, but Head Stash Automatic really can finish as fast as 6 weeks from seed. Plus, the THC easily exceeds 15% with 450 gr/m2 yields inside. Quality & density are off the charts - this one's a must have!

  • Contains Jack Herer & Critical+ Genetics
  • Pleasant Taste with Hints of Grapefruit & Lime
Headstone Seeds thumbnail

Headstone Seeds

Puts Even the Most Tolerant 6 Feet Under - 20% THC!

Headstone Seeds are packed with both White & Amnesia genetics for a full-on mind & body melt that'll make you forget you even have a face - let alone a brain. She's a mind-number & a couchlocker!

  • Strong Body Buzz with Racy Head High
  • Easy Trim, Copious Resin
Heavy Head thumbnail

Heavy Head

Near-Narcotic Body Buzz, NYCD & Domina Genetics

Tasting like NYC Diesel & smelling of fuel & hash, Heavy Head Seeds are pleasantly strong in every single way, especially when the effects kick in. Expect a medical-grade, near-narcotic stone that'll make your face feel like it's melting right off your skull!

  • 420 & 710 Friendly - Top Quality
  • Very High Yields - Up to 600 gr/m2 Inside
Julie's Cookies thumbnail

Julie's Cookies

Fruity/Cinnamon Taste with a Killer 26% THC Rating!

Julie's Cookies surpasses her GSC mother with higher THC, better flavour & higher yields. If you've been itching to try a new Cookie strain, this is the only choice for you!

  • Tastes & Smells Like Cinnamon & Fruitcake
  • Blissful Euphoria Paired With Deep Relaxation
Julie's Cookies Auto thumbnail

Julie's Cookies Auto

Sinful Cinnamon Flavour - 26% THC!

Armed with an irresistible cinnamon & fruitcake flavour, Julie's Cookies Auto wow's us all! And, that's not even counting her 26% THC rating, 600 gr yield or 9-week flash finish. Thank you, sir. Can we have another?

  • Completely Coated in Aromatic Sugar
  • Blissfully Relaxing & Euphoric
Sherbert Dab thumbnail

Sherbert Dab

Designed with Extracts in Mind - 21% THC!

Big Head does it again with Sherbert Dab! This 100% feminized seed improves on the Cookies line with a dessert-quality flavour & enough resin to satisfy even the greediest dabber. Buy now!

  • Calm But Energetic
  • Sweet, Creamy, Hints of Mint
THC Pro thumbnail


Chronic DNA Gives This Knockout a Full 25% THC!

THC Pro harnesses the full power of Chronic, Northern Lights & Big Head #1 to create a high-yielding, sleep-inducing, mould-resistant, beginner-friendly strain that's totally drenched in resin. Yowza!

  • Stress, Mould & Pests are Not a Problem!
  • 7 to 9 Weeks of Finish with Massive Yields
Trippy Gorilla thumbnail

Trippy Gorilla

This Gorilla Glue #4 Hybrid Has a Whopping 28% THC!!!!

This impressive strain rivals the power of many extracts with an insane 28% THC - and that's in Trippy Gorilla's dried flowers. Can you imagine what would happen if you concentrated this fierce beast? That's tots cra!

  • Finishes in a Very Reasonable 8 Weeks
  • Yields Top Out at 750 gr/m2 Inside!
Trippy Gorilla Auto thumbnail

Trippy Gorilla Auto

GG#4 Auto with Max Power & Yield - 28% THC!

Big Head managed to automate their outstanding Trippy Gorilla strain & still keep the THC at a whopping 28%. Yield only suffers slightly at 600 gr/m2, but you simply can't beat the 8-week from seed finish. Get'cha some!

  • Rich Pine & Citrus Fragrance
  • Very Easy to Manage - Thick Resin
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