Julie's Cookies Auto
When the weed gods were passing out flavour, Julie's Cookies Auto took a pass on the Thin Mint & asked for a second helping of cinnamon & fruitcake. It's not quite like anything else out there. The Rhino crew would recommend these fully autoflowering cannabis seeds on flavour alone, but the power rating (26% THC), yield (600 gr/m2) and resin content (extra-thick) mean these potent beauties sell themselves. 9 weeks from seed!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Stable & Beginner Friendly
  • Euphoric & Relaxing
  • Mould Resistant
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

Big Head's GSC Remix, Now Fully Autoflowering - 9 Weeks from Seed!

Julie’s Cookies Auto is our latest fast developing and compact wonder-seed following on from the hugely popular Julie’s Cookies, BigHead’s re-working of the legendary multi cannabis cup winning Girl Scout Cookies, this pocket rocket delivers the best of all worlds.


A stable, easy to manage, mould resistant, beautifully colourful plant that delivers heavy, potent yields of the fruitiest, most delicious sugar coated buds. Do not stress this lady.


A relaxed sense of well being rises to a clear plateau of blissful euphoria. Full body ecstasy.


The taste and aroma is a heady mix of cinnamon and fruitcake. Potent, practical and perfect.

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NB: If you like the sound of Julie's Cookies Autoflowering Seeds, but would like to push the yields a bit farther, check out Original Julie's Cookies. They've exceeded everyone's expectations. Why not pick up a pack of each? That's what we'd do!

Flowering Time
Thc Level
High : 15% +
Sativa / Indica Mix
THC Notes
22 to 26% THC
Flowering Time Notes
9 Weeks from Seed
Cannabis Genetics
Julie's Cookies X Ruderalis
Indoor Yield
400 to 600 gr/m2
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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Stable & Beginner Friendly
  • Euphoric & Relaxing
  • Mould Resistant

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Big Head Seeds takes the best award-winning strains, combines them with their signature Big Head #1 breeding stock & comes up with frosty, THC-filled hybrids that will exceed your wildest dreams. Many Big Head Seeds easily exceed 26% THC & 600 gr/m2 inside under good conditions, but even first timers will get satisfying results. Our top pick? Head Stash Auto with an insanely fast 6-week finish from seed. How can you possibly beat that? Order your Big Head Seeds today - you will not be disappointed!