Buzz 'n' Smiles

Euphoric Lemon Haze with a Stupendous 26% THC!

Buzz 'N' Smiles is super strong, with instant head highs that have staying power thanks to an incredibly high amount of THC. Yields are just as impressive at 500 to 700 gr/m2 after a 9-week finish. There's no mistaking the Super Lemon Haze heritage in these weed seeds - if we didn't tell you, the flavour & taste would still give it away. Get your 5 pack today, or better yet, make it 10!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Formidable Power
  • Happy & Uplifting
  • Dense & Crystal Coated
  • Free shipping and seeds
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    Strong Highs - Instant, Functional Relaxed & Social!

    Buzz ’n’ Smiles is a beautifully balanced Super Lemon Haze with its unmistakable citrus aroma, re-worked with BigHead #1 genetics for maximum yield and stability.


    Impressive results indoor and outdoor, packed with dense buds. this crystal frosted Christmas tree shaped feminized seed delivers quality and quantity. A fast working, powerful high spreads through the body, relaxed yet capable, to the mind for a joyously creative, psychedelic expansion through the cosmos. A wonderfully social headspace.


    Big Head Seeds' director, Smiles, has dedicated this magnificent plant to the loving memory of his best friend Buzz.

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    NB: If you'd like a couchlocker to go along with the functional effects offered by Big Head Seeds Buzz 'N' Smiles, check out HeavyHead, also by Big Head Seeds. This cannabis seed is nearly narcotic with a trance-like buzz.

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    Indoor ? Yes
    Outdoor ? Yes
    Thc Level ? High : 15% +
    Cannabis Genetics Super Lemon Haze #1
    Flowering Time ? 8-9 weeks
    THC notes 22 to 26% THC
    Indoor Yield 500 to 700 gr/m2
    Greenhouse ? Yes
    Big Head Seeds takes the best award-winning strains, combines them with their signature Big Head #1 breeding stock & comes up with frosty, THC-filled hybrids that will exceed your wildest dreams. Many Big Head Seeds easily exceed 26% THC & 600 gr/m2 inside under good conditions, but even first timers will get satisfying results. Our top pick? Head Stash Auto with an insanely fast 6-week finish from seed. How can you possibly beat that? Order your Big Head Seeds today - you will not be disappointed!