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AK Automatic thumbnail

AK Automatic

Small & discreet, AK Automatic gives stealth a new meaning. This super-potent autoflowering seed stays below 1 meter in most cases, but you can easily control AK Automatic’s vigour by varying her imme
BCN Diesel thumbnail

BCN Diesel

Nothing revs you up like turbo-charged BCN Diesel! These cannabis seeds combine two legends into one incredible mix for an unbeatable combination of power, flavour & brilliant high. BCN Diesel is a Ja
CR Plus thumbnail

CR Plus

There’s absolutely no minuses with CR Plus! This balanced hybrid delivers massive yields, high THC and a very rapid, 50 to 55-day finish. CR Plus Seeds are a high-performance, 100% feminized mix of tw
Chocolopez thumbnail


A 95% Sativa With A 9-Week Flowering Time? Oh, Yeah! If you remember hash strains from the 1980's, Blimburn's Chocolopez will take you back to your younger, wilder days! This OG Chocolate Thai X Cannalope Haze cross is bursting with happy head highs and a delicious buzz thanks to nearly pure Sat…
Critical Automatic thumbnail

Critical Automatic

Ready for some tasty, relaxing smoke but don’t have the time to spare? Go with Critical Automatic! A magnificent mix of Lowryder & Original Critical, Critical Automatic is extremely stable, pleasantly
Dama Blanca thumbnail

Dama Blanca

Dama Blanca is even better than White Widow! These feminized cannabis seeds mix delicious fruity flavours & pineapple aromas with intense, energizing highs. Dama Blanca hits the mind & the body in a S
Guanabana thumbnail


Named for an incredible tropical fruit reported to cure cancer, Guanabana is a miraculous cannabis seed in its own right. With Guanabana, you’ll get incredible, near-pure Sativa quality & power in pra
Kabrales thumbnail


Like it extra stinky? Then you have to try Kabrales! This feminized seed is so smelly Blim Burn Seeds named it for the most aromatic cheese Spain has to offer. Hardy & beginner friendly, Kabrales is r
Mamba Negra thumbnail

Mamba Negra

Few survive the intense bite of Mamba Negra! This incredibly potent Indica finishes early with high yields of extremely aromatic, rock-hard nuggs. If you have what it takes to tame this beast, buy Mam
Mango thumbnail


Ready for the tastiest couchlocker on the planet? Forget harsh, hashy flavours that taste like an unwashed ashtray & pickup Mango seeds! Mango is an Indica-dominant mix of Jack Herer & Korean Big Skun
Narkosis thumbnail


Narkosis literally means intense intoxication! If you’re looking for a classic couchlock stone, this is your new Indica. Narkosis is a very fast, high-yielding mix of Critical and SoMango with sweet f
Orient Automatic thumbnail

Orient Automatic

Forget the Orient Express & hop aboard Orient Automatic! Faster & more powerful than a speeding locomotive, Orient Automatic is an Indica-dominant cannabis seed with a 70 to 80-day finish from seed. I
Original Clone thumbnail

Original Clone

Have you always wanted to try Highlife Cup champion Original Clone but never had the chance? Now, that Original Clone is available as a convenient feminized cannabis seed, everyone can enjoy this exce
Orka thumbnail


True to her name, Orka delivers killer highs & whale-sized yields! With 21% THC & virtually no CBD, the mostly cerebral effects are clear, long-lasting & pleasantly euphoric. Orka cannabis seeds are r
Santa Muerte thumbnail

Santa Muerte

Named in honour of Mexico’s Grim Reaper, Santa Muerte is a killer Sativa with near-lethal power levels. If you can’t handle your smoke, stay away from this widow maker! Santa Muerte is a high-yielding
Silver Surfer Haze thumbnail

Silver Surfer Haze

Fly higher than ever before with Silver Surfer Haze! Named for the famous Marvel comic-book character, Silver Surfer Haze is like nothing you’ve ever tried before. This high-powered, high-yielding can
Super Automatic thumbnail

Super Automatic

Take the proven shortcut to greatness with Super Automatic! This high-performance seed successfully combines Diesel & White Widow with Lowryder to create the new gold standard for autoflowering cannab
Tijuana thumbnail


Ready for a crazy-ass night you’ll never forget? Spend it with Tijuana! This near-pure Sativa is extremely strong with highs that last for hours. With a little Tijuana on board, you’ll feel clear-head
Wombat thumbnail


Extremely sweet & Hazey, Wombat is a delicious Original Haze X Critical cross with massive yields of gigantic rock-hard nuggs. If your stash has run dry, Wombat Feminized Seeds are a wonderful way to
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Blim Burn Seeds Has a Completely Different Philosophy

Blim Burn Seeds is paving their own high-speed lane on the cannabis seed highway. With the most loyal team in the industry, every single strain in the Blim Burn Original collection was developed in-house by the same crew. Unlike some other seed companies, they never simply buy cannabis seeds and slap their brand on the pack to add volume to their small but exclusive catalog.

That’s why Blim Burn Seeds’ own collection of stable feminized seeds is so small. It takes an incredible amount of time and other resources to breed & test a new strain. Unless they’re extremely lucky, most breeders go through generation after generation of near-misses before they find a winner even if they do everything exactly right.

  • Blim Burn Seeds Original Line – 5 Fabulous Feminized Seeds & More to Come!
  • Certified Blim Burn Seeds – 12 Assorted Strains That Meet Blim Burn’s Highest Standards
  • Fresh & Affordable – Blim Burn Seeds Cuts Out the Middle-Man!

Check this out – more than 15 years of effort have been concentrated into Blim Burn Seeds’ initial set of five in-house strains. We have no idea how many rejects didn’t make it to the final release, but with this kind of dedication and commitment, the keepers must be truly amazing marijuana seeds! If you don’t believe us, check out super-potent Mamba Negra or near-lethal Santa Muerte.

Because Blim Burn Seeds is so selective about their own brand, they made an interesting decision. Instead of leaving their loyal customers who needed a wider selection at the mercy of less reputable breeders, this thoughtful operation added a second line of Certified Blim Burn Seeds to their collection.

Honest to the bone, they said up front that these feminized seeds were bred and sourced by trusted external breeders. To make sure they always meet the same tough standards as their Original line, Blim Burn Seeds puts each one through a rigorous testing and certification process.

Blim Burn Seeds does one more thing to help out the cannabis community. To control the prices and the quality from start to finish, they refuse to work with third-party distributors. By only selling directly to retailers like Rhino Seeds, they eliminate the middle-man’s cut (you know what that’s like) and they ensure that only the freshest feminized seeds are placed on the shelves for the final customer.

Of course, The Rhino always goes one step further and offers you the lowest prices and the fastest shipping in the UK when you order genuine Blim Burn Seeds here!

Buy Genuine Blim Burn Seeds from The Rhino Today for the Best Deals on the Freshest Beans!