Critical Automatic
Ready for some tasty, relaxing smoke but don’t have the time to spare? Go with Critical Automatic! A magnificent mix of Lowryder & Original Critical, Critical Automatic is extremely stable, pleasantly aromatic and very productive.
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Autoflowering
  • Critical X Lowryder
  • 65 to 70 Days from Seed
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

It’s More than Important – It’s Critical Automatic!

When you’re in dire straits, put your trust in Critical Automatic Seeds. This extremely stable, 100% feminized, autoflowering cannabis seed pulls through every single time – just like clockwork!

Critical Automatic Feminized only takes 65 to 70 days to pump out up to 100 grams of tasty, aromatic nuggs. Sounds amazing, doesn’t she?

  • Critical Automatic is Mostly Indica
  • Extremely Stable, 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Ready in a Flash – 65 to 70 Days
  • 50 to 100 Gram Yields – Tons of Nuggs!

Just like Jack’s beanstalk, Critical Automatic Cannabis Seeds are unbelievably vigorous & can reach an impressive size for fully autoflowering cannabis seeds. These babies can reach a full meter with lots of lateral branching.

Blim Burn Seeds Critical Automatic are most Indica with pleasant, midrange power levels and very relaxing, physical stones. You might buy these AutoFems for their speed & simplicity, but you’ll come back time & again for their amazing effects!

This description of Critical Automatic Cannabis Seeds is based entirely on material sourced from Blim Burn Seeds. To learn more, check out the Rhino Seeds disclaimer page.

Flowering Time
Thc Level
Medium : 8 - 15%
Yield Notes
50 to 100 Grams
Height Notes
.8 to 1 Meter
Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
Flowering Time Notes
65 to 70 Days
Cannabis Genetics
Critical X Lowryder

Don’t miss this chance to buy Critical Automatic Cannabis Seeds! With one simple tweak, a world-famous, highly sought-after strain just got easier to collect. If you’ve never tried a fully autoflowering marijuana seed before, you won’t believe how easy they are!

Collecting 5-star cannabis seeds is a fun & exciting hobby for many, and it’s perfectly legal in the UK. However, cultivating or germinating those same seeds is a major crime. If you decide to buy Critical, play it safe and stay on the right side of the law. For more information, please see the Rhino Seeds’ disclaimer page.

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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Autoflowering
  • Critical X Lowryder
  • 65 to 70 Days from Seed

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Critical Automatic is a stunning autoflowering cannabis seed sold by Blim Burn Seeds. With an emphasis on quality rather than quantity, Blim Burn Seeds offers a small selection of in-house developed weed seeds as well as a second line of Blim Burn Certified Seeds. Every single strain has been fully tested to ensure the highest level of quality for the best performance.