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A 95% Sativa With A 9-Week Flowering Time? Oh, Yeah!

If you remember hash strains from the 1980's, Blimburn's Chocolopez will take you back to your younger, wilder days! This OG Chocolate Thai X Cannalope Haze cross is bursting with happy head highs and a delicious buzz thanks to nearly pure Sativa genetics. THC is extra high, the resin-swollen buds are top shelf, and the aroma is simply to die for!

  • Chocolopez Yields 450 gr/m2 Inside On Average
  • A Huge Sativa - Up To 3 Meters Tall
  • Heavy With Resin, Extract Friendly
  • Very Potent With High THC Levels

As long as you have the space, Chocolopez Feminized Seeds have the time! These beginner-friendly beans deliver their amazing 450 gr/m2 yields (Inside) after a mere 65-day flowering period, but they do need their space. These long-legged ladies can stretch all the way to 3 meters tall and they're no skinny Minnies. Easy, crystal-saturated and totally mental - what's not to like about that?

Snag Your Chocolopez Cannabis Seeds Today - They're Sooo Good!

NB: At Rhino Seeds, we follow the letter of the law. That means if you plan to germinate your new cannabis seeds, don't buy them from here. That's your notice!

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Blim Burn Seeds is part of the new wave of Spanish breeders, but they’ve managed to set themselves above the crowd with an outstanding mix of feminized seeds. This world-class collection contains both Blim Burn Originals created by Blim Burn’s own breeding team as well as Blim Burn approved seeds created by this company’s most trusted partners. No matter which side of the house you settle on, one things for sure – you’ll be totally blown away by the stability, the power and the intensity offered by genuine Blim Burn Seeds!