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THC Bomb Auto(356)
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A Fast, High-Producing White Autoflowering Seed With 22% THC!

As we've come to expect, and you've come to demand, Bomb Seeds has once again set a new standard that all other breeders can only hope to meet! They crossed their very own THC Bomb & Auto Bomb strains to create … wait for it … THC Bomb Auto. This potent little shortie can fit in the smallest spaces & still perform like a champ, delivering mega-watt yields in just 65 days from seed. We kid you not!

  • THC Bomb Auto Finishes In 65 Days From Seed
  • Extract-Friendly - Certified White Strain
  • Massive Yields - Wait For That Last Minute Swell!
  • Short But Bushy With Many, Many Nodes

When they named THC Bomb Autoflowering Seeds, they weren't kidding! At a minimum, you can expect 18%, but a little bit of experience & a dialed in space can get you a whopping 22%. The resin is just as generous. Powered by genuine White genetics, these cannabis seeds are liberally coated with a thick, gleaming white layer of goo that you won't believe until you see it. This is not your typical AutoFem - not by a long shot!

Give In & Get Your THC Bomb Automatic Seeds Today!

NB: If you could complete a THC Bomb Auto grow, it'd go off without a hitch, but that's a definite no-go. Germination of weed seeds is illegal in the UK & strictly prohibited by the Rhino Seeds TOS. And you, my friend, agree to abide by those rules just by being here. Just saying …

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Indoor ? Yes
Outdoor ? Yes
Thc Level ? High : 15% +
Cannabis Genetics THC Bomb X Auto Bomb
Flowering Time ? Autoflowering
THC notes 18 to 22% THC
Height notes 60 to 120 cm
Flowering Outdoors May through October
Yield ? Good
Yield Notes Up to 450 gr/m2
Greenhouse ? Yes
Bomb Seeds has only been around since around 2011, but their newly released line of explosive cannabis seeds is already selling like hotcakes! The reason for the meteoric rise is simple: They give the cannabis community exactly what they want – MORE! Bomb Seeds cuts through all the typical BS with their exclusive line of proprietary genetics to give you new strains that have more power, more yield, more flavour, more resin and more of everything else you want. With THC that goes all the way to 25% and yields that exceed 1 kg, what else could you ask for in a 5-star cannabis seed?