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Auto Bomb Seeds

Auto Bomb Feminized blows ‘em away with explosive power, volcanic yields and hyperactive finishes. With Auto Bomb Feminized, you’ll hit the bull’s eye every single time!
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Buzz Bomb Feminised

Buzz Bomb Feminized delivers a heady, buoyant effect, explosive yields and volcanic power in an Indica timeframe! With Buzz Bomb Feminized, the wait for Sativa quality is over!
Cluster Bomb Feminised thumbnail

Cluster Bomb Feminised

Cluster Bomb Feminized combines explosive power, stupendous yields and a greased-lightning finish for an unbelievable new seed. With Cluster Bomb Feminized, seeing is believing! Get yours now!
Hash Bomb Feminised thumbnail

Hash Bomb Feminised

Coated in gleaming resin, Hash Bomb Feminized is potent, medicinal and extra sweet! Soothing to the nerves and relaxing to the body, Hash Bomb Feminized has a subtle aroma that’s always discreet.
Ice Bomb Feminised thumbnail

Ice Bomb Feminised

With Ice Bomb Feminized, chill is the word! Dripping in frosty crystals and cranking out the THC, Ice Bomb Feminized rocks the joint with 600 grams of sub-zero nuggs in just 7 way-cool weeks!
Medi Bomb #1 Feminised thumbnail

Medi Bomb #1 Feminised

Sparkling with a dense carpet of white crystals, Medi Bomb #1 Feminized is a potent mix of Bomb and Dutch genetics. Lush and soothing, Medi Bomb #1 Feminized eases the mind and releases the body!
Medi Bomb #2 Feminised thumbnail

Medi Bomb #2 Feminised

Clear, uplifting and energizing, Medi Bomb #2 Feminized really gets you going! A great wake-and-bake strain, Medi Bomb #2 delivers unheard of yields of top-shelf blaze.
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THC Bomb Auto

A Fast, High-Producing White Autoflowering Seed With 22% THC! As we've come to expect, and you've come to demand, Bomb Seeds has once again set a new standard that all other breeders can only hope to meet! They crossed their very own THC Bomb & Auto Bomb strains to create … wait …
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THC Bomb Feminised

This potent cannabis seed has it all! THC Bomb Feminized kicks it up about 10 notches with explosive power, volcanic yields, unmatched vigour and unbelievable flavour! With a 25% THC rating, THC Bomb
Widow Bomb Feminised thumbnail

Widow Bomb Feminised

Widow Bomb Feminized is crystallized perfection! Glowing like a beacon in a blizzard, Widow Bomb Feminized is dripping in THC and covered in dense, dank, rock-hard nuggs!
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The Most Explosive Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds on the Planet!

If horror stories of tired automatics with puny yields and wimpy power have made you shy away from this exciting new technology, step up to a Bomb Seeds Autoflowering Strain! With proprietary genetics that explode with power, this hot, new breeder has unlocked the secret to fully autoflowering cannabis seeds that erupt with volcanic growth, nuclear power and electrifying flavours!

  • So Easy They're Fool-Proof!
  • Insane Power Levels & Bone-Shaking Effects!
  • Fresh from the Farm & Ready to Pop

Take a load off with Autoflowering marijuana seeds developed by the innovative genetic masterminds at Bomb Seeds. Whether this is your first time or your umpteenth season, this new form of feminized seed will make your life easy peasy while still delivering everything you're looking for in a premium weed seed. It’s definitely a win-win situation!

What could be better than this? How about ordering your new Bomb Seeds' autoflowering cannabis seeds from The Rhino? These new beans will make you grin like a stoned baboon in just a few short weeks! Of course, his best-price guarantee, discreet packaging and super-fast shipping aren't anything to sneeze at either.

Order Explosive Bomb Seeds' Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds from the Rhino Today!