Medi Bomb #1 Feminised
Sparkling with a dense carpet of white crystals, Medi Bomb #1 Feminized is a potent mix of Bomb and Dutch genetics. Lush and soothing, Medi Bomb #1 Feminized eases the mind and releases the body!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    True medicinal-grade strains don’t always offer the power or volume you’re looking for in a premium cannabis seed. To solve this problem, Bomb Seeds has infused the best Dutch pharmaceutical-grade strain with explosive Bomb genetics to create Medi Bomb #1 Feminized, a strong medicinal seed with unheard of power and unbelievable yields.

    Medi Bomb #1 Feminized is an Indica-dominant hybrid that delivers up to 500 gr/m2 of tasty nuggs in as little as seven weeks. For the best results, place these weed seeds in complete darkness for the last couple of days.

    • Bomb #1 Mixed with Pharmaceutical-Grade Dutch Cannabis – Powerful!
    • 20% THC – Strong!
    • 500 gr/m2 – So Generous!
    • 7 to 8 Week Finish – Super Fast!

    This potent strain has a thick, bushy appearance with a generous coating of sticky crystals, an intense aroma and a mouth-watering, sweet/sour flavour. Medi Bomb #1 Feminized Seeds offer a strong effect on the body thanks to a heavy dose of Indica genetics.

    At Rhino Seeds, we only sell genuine Medi Bomb #1 Cannabis Seeds produced by Bomb Seeds, but you won’t receive anything that looks like this. Your dormant beans are sealed in breeder packaging and ready to be placed in your collection. Don’t forget – germination and cultivation of cannabis seeds is illegal in the UK and most other areas of the world.

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    Makes me feel better just knowing they're here. Fast delivery, great prices, can't beat it.
    Angus - 09 September 2012 01:33:15

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    Bomb Seeds has only been around since around 2011, but their newly released line of explosive cannabis seeds is already selling like hotcakes! The reason for the meteoric rise is simple: They give the cannabis community exactly what they want – MORE! Bomb Seeds cuts through all the typical BS with their exclusive line of proprietary genetics to give you new strains that have more power, more yield, more flavour, more resin and more of everything else you want. With THC that goes all the way to 25% and yields that exceed 1 kg, what else could you ask for in a 5-star cannabis seed?