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A real hard-hitter, Quasar is a smooth Indica/Sativa hybrid with a mega-ton of power and an invigorating aroma. Top-shelf all the way, Quasar is a favourite with both amateur and commercial collectors due to it’s astronomical yields and early finish.
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Quasar is a Spanish-bred favourite developed by Buddha Seeds with both the casual and commercial collector in mind. The sticky nuggs are amazingly hard, heavy and plentiful making this a high-yielding variety that never compromises on quality even though it finishes quickly.

As a perfectly balanced mix of Indica and Sativa genetics, Quasar delivers the best qualities from both sides of the house. This results in a relaxing, euphoric effect that touches both the body and the soul without a trace of nervousness or anxiety.

  • A Balanced Indica/Sativa Hybrid
  • Commercial-Grade Yields
  • Rock-Hard Nuggs
  • Euphoric but Never Anxious

Connoisseurs appreciate the exceptionally smooth flavour and invigorating aroma that characterize Quasar Seeds. For a powerful addition to your collection that satisfies a wide range of needs, get your supply of Quasar today!

When you order Quasar Cannabis Seeds from the Rhino Seed Bank, you will receive genuine, dormant items that do not resemble this description. Cultivation and germination are illegal in the UK, and Rhino specifically prohibits using our seeds for those activities or any other illegal use.

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A Spanish legend, the Buddha Seed Bank deals exclusively in the world’s finest autoflowering strains. This boutique breeder has created a small, exclusive collection, but each AutoFem is of the highest quality. Whether you’re working with a small space, a tight schedule or a very selective palate, you’ll instantly fall in love with your new Buddha Seeds’ autoflowering cannabis seeds. We’re sure you’ll discover your own favourite within this collection, but ultra-sweet Syrup is the Rhino’s top pick!