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Buddha Seeds Assorted Auto Mix Pack thumbnail

Buddha Seeds Assorted Auto Mix Pack

Get a whirlwind tour of the best this world-class breeder has to offer with the Buddha Seeds Assorted Auto Mix Pack! It’s a random selection of their best established automatic strains plus a few expe

Buddha Seeds Purple Kush thumbnail

Buddha Seeds Purple Kush

Buddha Purple Kush is a real looker, but that’s not all this potent AutoFem has to offer. Fully autoflowering & 100% feminized, Buddha Purple Kush finishes fast, stays small and delivers a pleasant, r
Buddha Seeds Quasar Feminised thumbnail

Buddha Seeds Quasar Feminised

Quasar brings the best of Indica and Sativa together into this hybrid. Volcanic growth and fast flowering time, Quasar produces dense buds which are high in THC . Quasar is the ideal mix of Indica and
Buddha Seeds White Dwarf Feminized thumbnail

Buddha Seeds White Dwarf Auto Feminized

White Dwarf is an auto flowering strain with a pervasive scent and sweet flavor. White Dwarf blooms in just 2 months while staying very short and is a safe bet for beginners.
Deimos Feminized thumbnail

Deimos Feminized

Buddha Seeds, one of Spain’s top breeders, has developed the Deimos Autoflowering strain over the course of seven generations to guarantee consistent, reliable results. With each new batch, the breede
Pulsar thumbnail


Get ready to giggle! Pulsar is a fun, energizing cannabis seed that’ll make you laugh your ass off. Plus, the 75-day finish is practically unheard of for a pure Sativa. Remember, Buddha Seeds Pulsar i
Red Dwarf thumbnail

Red Dwarf


Created by crossbreeding the legendary White Dwarf with a stupendous Skunk, Red Dwarf Feminized is extremely potent & extra stinky! If you’re short on space, Red Dwarf could save your day.

Syrup Auto thumbnail

Syrup Auto

Syrup Auto is a powerful autoflowering hybrid that soothes your sweet tooth while it blows your mind with a deep, narcotic effect. Highly medicinal and totally delicious, Syrup is a rich Indica-domina
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Buddha Seeds - Pure Pot Perfection & Still Easy Peasy!

Have you picked your feminized seeds yet? It's really easy because they are all amazing. One thing to remember is the fact that Buddha Seeds has been creating these tiny balls of wonder for years and have basically hit upon perfection.

Their feminizing process is perfect, their genetics are perfect and quite soon you will be perfect for having selected such a perfectly perfect set of seeds. Feminized Buddha Seeds are always:

  • 100% Feminized & Extremely Stable
  • Delivered Discreetly
  • Replaced for Free If They Go Missing in the Post

If you really need a lift and want the cannabis seeds that will do this for you, then you're in the perfect place. Don't forget - if you're just starting out, there's nothing easier than these fully autoflowering cannabis seeds!

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