Red Dwarf
Created by crossbreeding the legendary White Dwarf with a stupendous Skunk, Red Dwarf Feminized is extremely potent & extra stinky! If you’re short on space, Red Dwarf could save your day. This AutoFem is very small with a big load of compact, dank nuggs.
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds


    Fully Autoflowering, Red Dwarf is Compact, Skunky & Dripping with Gooey Resin!

    Red Dwarf proves that great things really do come in small packages! This tiny feminized marijuana seed is a real midget, but she’s a giant when it comes to flavour, smell and power.

    Buddha Seeds took their legendary White Dwarf and added some super-stinky Skunk to create Red Dwarf Auto. This delicious mix is too smelly for true stealth, but she’s a real prize if you’re working with a closet, patio or balcony.

    • Red Dwarf Packs Extreme Power Into the Tiniest Package!
    • Beginner-Friendly, Fully Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds
    • Intense, Skunky Aroma & Incredible Power
    • 100% Feminized Mix of Skunk & White Dwarf

    With lots of low branches to hold her incredible load, Red Dwarf AutoFem delivers an impressive yield of tight, dank buds and an amazing amount of resin. Try these autoflowering cannabis seeds one time and you’ll be hooked!

    Red Dwarf Auto Feminized is definitely priced to sell, but the Rhino has an even better deal on the Buddha Seeds Assorted Auto Mix Pack if you’re having a hard time making up your mind. With this pack, you’ll get Red Dwarf plus 9 more amazing fully autoflowering seeds for an unbelievably low price. Check it out!

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    Believe it or not, you could buy Red Dwarf Cannabis Seeds plus more awesome beans and get all of your money back in exchange for about two seconds of your time! After your order arrives, keep an eye on your inbox for your official Rhino Seeds customer testimonial invite.

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    Exactly what I was expecteting, so it was a winner in my book.
    JJ - 09 September 2012 22:39:21

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    Red Dwarf is the perfect way to get a tantalizing taste of the Buddha Seeds’ brand! Buddha Seeds is a small, exclusive breeder specializing in the world’s most delicious autoflowering cannabis seeds. Try one and you’ll instantly want more!