Buddha Seeds Purple Kush
Buddha Purple Kush is a real looker, but that’s not all this potent AutoFem has to offer. Fully autoflowering & 100% feminized, Buddha Purple Kush finishes fast, stays small and delivers a pleasant, relaxing buzz.
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Autoflowering
  • Mostly Indica
  • Extremely Fast
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

Passionate About Your Collection? You Won’t Regret Adding Buddha Purple Kush Seeds!

Buddha Purple Kush Seeds’ incredible beauty is more than skin deep. These lovely beans are built for speed and filled to the brim with intense Indica power!

Not quite narcotic, Buddha Purple Kush Auto has a strong, pleasant buzz that’s very relaxing but far from couchlocking. It’s the perfect way to chill.

  • Buddha Purple Kush is Fast & Easy!
  • Pleasantly Physical but not Couchlocking
  • Small, Compact Size – Perfect for Indoors
  • Unique, Intense, Unforgettable Aroma

These seductive autoflowering cannabis seeds tempt more than your eyes. Buddha Purple Kush Feminized has a completely unique smell that’s not quite like anything else out there. You’ll never forget this incredible fragrance!

Short on space or in a hurry? Buddha Purple Kush Cannabis Seeds are a great choice! These compact weed seeds have an extremely short cycle even for an Indica.

This description of Buddha Purple Kush Cannabis Seeds is based on information provided by Buddha Seeds. Read the Rhino Seedsdisclaimer page for more on this subject.

5 Seeds
Flowering Time
Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
Cannabis Genetics
Purple X Ruderalis

Buy Buddha Purple Kush Cannabis Seeds and feast your eyes on one of the most beautiful strains on the planet! This new marijuana seed isn’t just a super-potent speed demon, it’s a real piece of eye candy.

After you buy Buddha Purple Kush, don’t let her lush promises tempt you into breaking the law! Even though it’s perfectly legal to collect these AutoFems in the UK, you could get in real trouble if you cultivate or germinate your new weed seeds. For more information on this important topic, see the Rhino Seeds’ disclaimer page.

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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Autoflowering
  • Mostly Indica
  • Extremely Fast

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Buddha Purple Kush is a lush, Indica-dominant cannabis seed created by the Buddha Seeds brand. If you’re in a hurry or simply looking for a new taste sensation, you’re going to love Buddha Seeds! This Spanish breeder only deals in super-fast, completely luxurious autoflowering cannabis seeds that literally burst with flavour and power. Take your collection in an entirely new direction with authentic Buddha Seeds!