CannaBiogen Deluxe Mix

If you’re in the mood for high-quality blaze, check out the Cannabiogen Deluxe Mix. With NepalJam X Oaxaca, Jack Herer X Panama and Panama Pelo Rosa S1, the Cannabiogen Deluxe Mix includes three potent Sativas from a legendary breeder.
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Cannabiogen is a true legend in the cannabis industry. If you’d like to sample a variety of these powerful marijuana seeds, the Cannabiogen Deluxe Mix is the perfect launching pad!

With roots stretching back to ancient Mexico and exotic Jamaica, NepalJam X Oaxaca is a pure Sativa that works well inside or out. This strain takes about 9 to 10 weeks to deliver medium to high yields of outstanding blaze.

Jack Herer X Panama Marijuana Seeds are strong, vigourous and resinous! These sticky beauties are another potent Cannabiogen Sativa that comes highly recommended for its clear, up highs and smooth flavour.

  • 3 Potent Sativas – 6 Seeds in Total
  • NepalJam X Oaxaca
  • Jack Herer X Panama
  • Panama Pelo Rosa S1

Panama Pelo Rosa S1 Cannabis Seeds are one of Cannabiogen’s best Sativas. The blaze is top-notch, but it can take up to 12 weeks to fully mature once it hits the final stages. The structure stays in the medium range, and the final effects are awesomely cerebral.

Rhino Seeds only deals in the highest quality cannabis seeds including the Cannabiogen Deluxe Mix. These items arrive in a dormant state ready for your collection. Our marijuana seeds are not intended for any illegal activity including cultivation and germination.

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Indoor ? Yes
Outdoor ? Yes
Flowering Time ? 9-12 weeks
Cannabiogen raises cannabis seed production to an art form! For over 20 years, this group has traveled the globe in search of the most powerful genetics to include in their meticulous breeding program, and the quality shows. With a gene pool that includes native strains from Jamaica, Columbia, Pakistan, India, Thailand and other exotic locales, you can depend on a Cannabiogen cannabis seed to be absolutely unique, perfect in every way and filled to the brim with raw, unbridled power!