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CannaBiogen Deluxe Mix

If you’re in the mood for high-quality blaze, check out the Cannabiogen Deluxe Mix. With NepalJam X Oaxaca, Jack Herer X Panama and Panama Pelo Rosa S1, the Cannabiogen Deluxe Mix includes three potent Sativas from a legendary breeder.
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Cannabiogen Sandstorm

Sandstorm from CannaBiogen Seeds is another variety that is great for making hash with. The mother is an Indica from the Chitral Kush region and the father is an exceptional male clone from Arabene,
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Cannabiogen Seeds Caribe

Just like Spiderman, time slows to a halt as your senses sharpen when Caribe is on-board. A unique Sativa with high yields and mystical powers, Caribe is always in demand!
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Cannabiogen Seeds Destroyer

This is a STATE OF THE ART Cannabis Sativa strain with an exotic dominance of Thai. The small, but numerous flowers are so covered in trichomes that with 2 square mm, there have been 92 bulbous stalk
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Cannabiogen Sugar Loaf

Frosted with sweet, powdery resin, Sugar Loaf is intensely psychoactive with a nearly overwhelming high. If you’re looking for extreme cannabis seeds that’ll take you to new places, Sugar Loaf is just
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It is reported to be a complex hybrid of a special mother hand picked from Lesotho that was grown in the mountains at 2000 meters and a vigorous father who was a Dutch Skunk/Haze.
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Taskenti is an extremely resinous Indica from exotic Uzbekistan with delightful lemon & mint flavours. We’ve seen a ton of cannabis seeds, but Taskenti is simply astounding. It delivers high yields, o
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Cannabiogen is Small, But They Have Mass Appeal!

Where oh where can you find new seeds that have massive characteristics beyond even your wildest imagination? Right here of course. As you can see, Cannabiogen has a great many weird and wonderful seeds, all of which have qualities many of the big seed breeders would die for.

How do they do it? They do it by being incredibly precise with their breeding and by traveling all over the world to find and bring you seed genetics that no one even knew existed. Take DESTROYER SEEDS for example; just look at the picture... looks amazing and IS amazing. This and all their seeds are:

  • Always Organic
  • Always Fresh
  • Always Affordable!

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