CBD Critical Mass Feminized

With 5% THC and 5% CBD, Critical Mass Feminized has that elusive 1:1 ratio that everyone’s looking for! For high yields of soothing medicinal weed, no strain pumps out more than honey-sweet Critical Mass Feminized!
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Always on the edge, CBD Crew has kicked up Critical Mass Feminized with a fresh infusion of CBD. This newly designed formula with an even ratio of CBD to THC is more medicinal than ever!

CBD Crew’s Critical Mass Feminized is a high-yielding Indica that oozes honey-sweet nuggs with an intense, complex aroma. If you do it right, this one can keep your shelves stocked for ages!

  • A CBD-Enriched Version of Critical Mass Feminized
  • 500 gr/m2 in 8 Weeks – Awesome!
  • 5% THC & 5% CBD – Perfect!
  • Honey Sweet Flavour – Tasty!

If you’re new to CBD, you’re not alone. This is one of the hottest, and most debated, topics in the weed world right now. The research is ongoing, but those-in-the-know say that this chemical enhances the THC to extend the stone, increase relaxation, decrease anxiety and eliminate memory issues. How great is that?

When you order from Rhino, you can always trust that you’ll get authentic Critical Mass Feminized Cannabis Seeds created by CBD Crew. However, they won’t look like this. Intended to be collected rather than used, these beans are illegal to cultivate or germinate in the UK and most other regions.

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Indoor ? Yes
Outdoor ? Yes
Thc Level ? Low : < 8%
THC notes 5% THC
CBD High 5% CBD
Medical ? Yes
Flowering Outdoors September/October
Yield ? Good
Indoor Yield 500 gr/m2
In 2011, Resin Seeds and Mr. Nice came together to create a different kind of cannabis seed, one with extremely high levels of CBD compared to THC. This magic combination results in a better therapeutic effect for the medical marijuana patient by tempering the more psychoactive highs and emphasizing the physical aspects of cannabis. If you're into MMJ, you should definitely give CBD Crew a try. It could change your life!