CBD Crew Nordle Feminized
Nordle Feminized is a fruity Afghan Skunk with enhanced CBD levels. With 5.5% of both THC and CBD, this is exactly what everyone is raving about. Try something new with Nordle Feminized!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    This old code-name for high-grade hash is now openly used to refer to a new high-CBD strain called Nordle Feminized by CBD Crew! Still sweet & resinous, this new strain has been modified to keep up with the times.

    CBD Crew Nordle Feminized is a new version of classic Afghan Skunk. Other than the CBD infusion, this Indica is much the same. It’s covered in hashy resin and tastes of fruit and fresh chives.

    • A CBD-Enriched Version of Afghan Skunk
    • 500 gr/m2 in 8 Weeks – Wow!
    • 5.5% THC & 5.5% CBD – Potently Even!
    • Fruity with Notes of Fresh Chives – Sweet & Savory!

    Wondering what’s so hot about CBD? Some say that it delays the onset of the high while extending the duration for a dreamlike stone that lasts forever. Others say CBD boosts the medicinal value while minimizing the intoxicating properties of the THC. Additional claims talk about eliminating memory problems and anxiety. Like everything, we’ll say that it probably varies and you’ll have to check out the new Nordle Feminized for yourself!

    At Rhino, we only sell authentic Nordle Feminized Cannabis Seeds from CBD Crew, but they won’t be like this. Instead, they’re dormant collectibles. Don’t try to germinate or cultivate your new beans in the UK – it’s against the law!

    nice to finally see some high cbd seeds. first time i've had a chance to try any and they're nice so far.
    nordle norman - 11 September 2012 01:18:58

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