CBD Sweet n Sour Widow
The weed world is filled with White Widows, but you won’t find a single one like CBD Crew’s Sweet ‘n Sour Widow! A very resinous strain, Sweet ‘n Sour Widow has an even balance of CBD and THC to make this medicinal favourite even more therapeutic.
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    No collection would be complete without a White Widow strain, and the CBD Crew lineup is no exception. This cutting-edge breeder has enriched this legendary strain with a rich infusion of CBD to give it even more medicinal power.

    Sweet ‘n Sour Widow is covered in airy, resinous nuggs that resist mould in regions with high humidity. To complement its hardy nature, this strain has a pleasant taste and a distinctive sour onion aroma.

    • CBD-Enhanced White Widow
    • 400 gr/m2 in 8 Weeks – Smokin’
    • 5% THC & 5% CBD – Highly Medicinal
    • Hardy & Mould Resistant – Perfect for Humid Regions

    High-CBD Seeds are a growing trend in the cannabis industry. This natural chemical enhances the medicinal properties of the weed while preventing any memory loss or anxiety. For the best results, experts recommend choosing a product with a high amount of CBD in relation to THC. Cannabis seeds with an even ratio, like Sweet ‘n Sour Widow, are the current gold standard of this new genre!

    At Rhino Seeds, we only handle authentic Sweet ‘n Sour Widow Cannabis Seeds from CBD Crew. However, our beans don’t resemble this description. Because it’s illegal, we prohibit cultivation and germination of these beans.

    Very interesting take on White Widow. It's a little different, but nice.
    Jim - 11 September 2012 01:23:14

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    In 2011, Resin Seeds and Mr. Nice came together to create a different kind of cannabis seed, one with extremely high levels of CBD compared to THC. This magic combination results in a better therapeutic effect for the medical marijuana patient by tempering the more psychoactive highs and emphasizing the physical aspects of cannabis. If you're into MMJ, you should definitely give CBD Crew a try. It could change your life!