CBD Yummy Feminized
What a great name for a tasty strain! Bursting with tropical flavour, CBD Crew Yummy Feminized is a rich, exotic seed with an even CBD to THC ratio for exceptional medicinal power.
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    Free shipping and seeds

    A scrumptious blend of Yumbolt and G13 Haze, CBD Crew Yummy Feminized is a delicious medicinal hybrid with a perfectly balanced mix of THC and CBD. As Yummy flows across your palate, you’ll savor a refreshing rainbow of exotic fruit flavours.

    Yummy Feminized is an intense, Sativa-dominant hybrid that’s perfect for super-cropping. Because this weed seed has a very strong structure capable of supporting massive quantities of medicinal weed, it needs no additional reinforcement.

    • CBD-Enhanced Yumbolt/G13 Haze Cross
    • 400 gr/m2 in 9 Weeks – A Fast Sativa
    • 5% THC & 5% CBD – Perfectly Even
    • Exotic & Rich – Delicious!

    If you’re interested in medicinal cannabis, you have to check out these new high-CBD strains, like CBD Crew’s Yummy Feminized. This chemical works with THC to create a long-lasting, dreamlike stone with enhanced medicinal properties. High-CBD weed is definitely a different animal.

    At Rhino, every seed is completely authentic including Yummy Feminized, but they don’t look like this description. These dormant souvenirs are intended to be collected rather than cultivated or germinated. Rhino doesn’t condone or encourage any illegal usage of these cannabis seeds.

    No surprises here. Got exactly what I ordered & it was in very good condition. Great job!
    Roger - 11 September 2012 01:24:15
    My friends show Respect,for the results that I get,from the legends that are down at Rhino!!!!!!!
    Fido - 02 May 2013 10:23:04

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    In 2011, Resin Seeds and Mr. Nice came together to create a different kind of cannabis seed, one with extremely high levels of CBD compared to THC. This magic combination results in a better therapeutic effect for the medical marijuana patient by tempering the more psychoactive highs and emphasizing the physical aspects of cannabis. If you're into MMJ, you should definitely give CBD Crew a try. It could change your life!