Green Bud Female
Green Bud produces healthy vigorous growth with nice calyx formation and especially BIG yields from mother phenotypes. It is appreciated for its commercial value.
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    Free shipping and seeds


    5 Seeds
    10 Seeds
    Flowering Time
    8-9 weeks
    Yield Notes
    100 gr indoor with 30-45 days of veg
    Sativa / Indica Mix
    Strain Notes
    Ed Rosenthal ERSB pheno X 3-5 female pollen cubed (Power plant, Jack herer, CH9).
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    CH9 Seeds started out in Southern California in the '80s, moved to NoCal later on & finally settled in Europe in 2004. During this time, they never stopped collecting, testing & enjoying their exclusive genetic mixes to the very fullest. With an exclusive collection of 100% feminized seeds, these cannabis engineers breed their high-powered cannabis seeds to maximize flavour, resin and healing.