Crop Circle Auto
Meet Cream of the Crop's most phenomenal strain! Crop Circle Auto can go from bean to bud in just 55 days from seed while reaching astronomical 800 gr/m2 yields & 18% THC. Colours are cosmic with hues ranging from classic green to lush purple, cool blue & rich mauve while the aromas include layer after layer of goodness: earth, floral, coconut & lime!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Automatic Hybrid
  • Insane Yields - 800 gr/m2
  • High THC - Very Potent
  • Intense Colours & Aromas
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

Crop Circle Automatic Must Be From Planet 888!

The aliens have been buzzing the Rhino Seeds warehouse for months & now we know why - they want their Crop Circle Auto Seeds back! Who can resist an amazing fully autoflowering seed that can achieve 800 gr/m2 of greatness in just 55 days from seed? Yields average 80 gr/seed outside & the THC is high at 18% everywhere they go. Get it - that's a lot of 8's!

  • Crop Circle Auto Only Needs 55 Days from Seed
  • 800 gr/m2 Inside - 80 gr/seed Outside - Insane!
  • 18% THC for Strong, Indica-dominant Stones
  • High Resistance to Pests & Mould - Very Hardy

Crop Circle Automatic by Cream of the Crop is a shockingly good mix of classic Lavender, old-school Hawaiian & lavish Cream Cheese - a recipe for luxury if we've ever seen one! Speed, power & bulk isn't all these amazing cannabis seeds have to offer. By the time they finish, they'll be oozing with vivid colours & unusual aromas. This is one of the great ones!

Want to know how The Rhino keeps his prices on amazing cannabis seeds like Cream of the Crop Crop Circle so low? He got his supply direct from the source - right after he lured those little green men into his secret lair with an extra big spliff. Now, they won't go away! Take advantage while you can - who knows how long the prices will stay this low?

Snag Your Crop Circle Auto Seeds Now - Before They Zoom Away!

NB: Don't even attempt a Crop Circle Auto grow! If you get caught germinating or cultivating cannabis seeds in a non-legal area, The Rhino & the aliens together may not be able to break you out. It's illegal, you know!

Flowering Time
Thc Level
High : 15% +
Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
THC Notes
18% THC
Flowering Time Notes
55 Days from Seed
Cannabis Genetics
Lavender X Hawaiian X Cream Cheese
Outdoor Yield
80 gr/seed
Indoor Yield
800 gr/m2

Crop Circle Auto is a 3-way cross of Lavender, Hawaiian & Cream Cheese genetics. This Indica-dominant cannabis seed is very high-yielding with the capability of going all the way to an astounding 800 gr/m2 in just 55 days from weed seed under the right conditions. Crazy but absolutely true!

If you live in moist or bug-ridden conditions, you'll love Crop Circle Auto Seeds. This hardy bean can stand up to just about anything, and she's beginner friendly. Even a first timer can bring out their inner beauty with a bright display of purple, blue, green & mauve that'll please the eye & an unusual aroma that'll please the nose even more. Sooo tempting!

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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Automatic Hybrid
  • Insane Yields - 800 gr/m2
  • High THC - Very Potent
  • Intense Colours & Aromas

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Crop Circle Auto Seeds is a high-yielding automatic seed created by the Cream of the Crop brand. Known for intense features like high THC, amazing colours, fabulous aromas & strong effects, Cream of the Crop specializes in connoisseur quality feminized & autoflowering seeds. If you've been looking for something truly special, you can't go wrong with genuine Cream of the Crop Seeds. Buy now!