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Amphetamine Auto thumbnail

Amphetamine Auto

45 Days from Seed with 350 gr/m2 Yields!

That's one of the fastest reported finishes we've ever seen! If you want your Diesel & you want it now, this is the autoflowering cannabis seed for you.

  • An NYC Diesel Hybrid
  • Resinous with Heavy Aromas
Black Gold Auto thumbnail

Black Gold Auto

There's No Oil Crisis Here!

Dab & hash masters take note: Black Gold Auto pumps out the goo like a boss, practically dripping with oils & resins by the end of her 60-day finish. She's unbelievably good!

  • 100% Indica Strains Crossed with Ruderalis
  • Up to 450 gr/m2 with 18% THC
Cash Crop Auto thumbnail

Cash Crop Auto

Fully Autoflowering with No Compromise!

With this AutoFem, Cream of the Crop proves automatic seeds are every bit as good as even the best photoperiod strain. Try it & see!

  • Full Potency at 22% THC
  • 550 gr/m2 in Just 70 Days!
Cream Cheese thumbnail

Cream Cheese


Cream of the Crop gives classic UK Cheese a gourmet twist with a fresh infusion of Afghani genetics. The stench is as strong as ever but just a touch more refined.

  • 400 gr/m2 Inside, 650 gr/m2 Outside
  • Needs 50-60 Days of Bloom
Crop Circle Auto thumbnail

Crop Circle Auto

So Fast These Babies Hit Warp Speed!

With astronomical highs & lightning-fast finishes, Crop Circle Auto is out of this world! You'll love the amazing array of colours & the rich, multi-layered aroma.

  • Lavender X Hawaiian X Cream Cheese
  • Up to 800 gr/m2 with 18% THC - We Kid You Not!
Cropical Fruit Auto thumbnail

Cropical Fruit Auto

Grapefruit, Mango, Papaya & Grape

With Cropical Fruit Auto, you'll get wave after wave of tropical fruit flavour combined with 18% THC & long-lasting Sativa highs. Yields are just as sweet at 450 gr/m2!

  • A Jack Herer, Double Skunk Hybrid
  • Very Resistant to Mould & Pests
Custard Cream thumbnail

Custard Cream

Sweet Vanilla & 20% THC!

Brits love Custard Cream biscuits (like a vanilla Oreo) & they love Custard Cream Seeds! This smooth, crystal-covered feminized seeds taste just like that sweet treat!

  • Incredible Power - 20% THC
  • Powerful Cerebral Buzz!
Double Cream thumbnail

Double Cream

A Must-Have For White Widow Lovers

Double Cream is a White Widow X White Widow backcross for a triple-helping of resin & enough power to rock your world & knock your boots. You'll love it!

  • 19% THC - Up to 800 gr/m2!
  • Enhanced Smell - Strong Fruit & Pine
Hybrid X thumbnail

Hybrid X

This Lady'll Keep All Your Secrets!

Hybrid X Seeds will never give you away! This incredible Northern Lights cross has little to no smell at all from start to finish. She's the soul of discretion.

  • Northern Lights X Northern Lights
  • Couchlocking Indica with 18% THC
KO Crop Auto thumbnail

KO Crop Auto

Maximum Power, Minimum Time!

For the fastest AK-47 hybrid on the planet, go with COTC's KO Crop Auto! This hard hitter gets the job done in 65 days or less with 400 gr/m2 yields.

  • A Sativa-dominant Powerhouse
  • Tight & Dense with Tons of Resin
Lemon Venom thumbnail

Lemon Venom

A Near Lethal Beast - Up to 1 Kilo Per Seed!

Lemon Venom is capable of pumping out up to a full 1000 gr/seed of pure-Indica perfection with toxic levels of THC. Once this femme fatale sink her teeth in, she never lets go!

  • Fat, Dense, Bright-Green Golfballs of Citric Power!
  • Extreme Lemon Flavours with Notes of Pine
Narco Purps Auto thumbnail

Narco Purps Auto

Maximum Bag Appeal!

With solid purple hues, rich hashy/grape aromas & plenty of sparkling crystals, Narco Purps Auto has bag appeal out the bum paired with a 60-day finish from seed.

  • 600 gr/m2 Inside, 70 gr/seed Outside
  • Narcotic Kush X Hindu Kush X Purple Afghani
Narcotherapy Auto thumbnail

Narcotherapy Auto

Tolerance Doesn't Stand a Chance!

With no ceiling in sight, Narcotherapy Auto lays waste to even the most dedicated stoner. This is medical grade power at its best - 20% THC, 900 gr/m2, 60 days!

  • Indica Dominant for Serious Chill
  • White Genetics - Very Frosty!
Narcotic Kush Auto thumbnail

Narcotic Kush Auto

Foolproof Indica with 22% THC!

In 60 days or less from seed, Narcotic Kush Auto will make you look like a true pro with serious quantities of dank, hash-smelling buds smothered in THC-enriched trichomes.

  • Beginner Friendly - Mould Resistant
  • 60 Days or Less from the Initial Pop!
Pretty Lights thumbnail

Pretty Lights

Trippy, Hallucinogenic, Psychedelic!

Pretty Lights is a curiously strong Indica with full-blown psychedelic highs. Trust us - this one will make you lose your mind, literally, figuratively & metaphorically!

  • 20% THC - Very Potent
  • Up to 750 gr/m2 of Golden Buds
Psychofruit Auto thumbnail

Psychofruit Auto

Insanely Fast, Crazy Good!

Psychofruit Auto pushes Blueberry Skunk flavour & Critical+ yields over the edge of reason & straight into the realm of insanity. If you're looking for a crazy-good weed seed, this is it!

  • Balanced Indica/Sativa Hybrid
  • Rock Hard Buds - Blue, Red & Purple
Purple Paralysis thumbnail

Purple Paralysis

Electrifying Highs - 22% THC

Lavender meets Power Plant for an electrifying new combo that mixes strong, energetic highs with bright colours, high yields & an even higher resistance to mould.

  • Up to 22% THC, 650 gr/m2!
  • Requires 65 to 70 Days of Finish
Robocrop Auto thumbnail

Robocrop Auto

A Real Mechanical Beast with Bionic Yields!

Set Robocrop Auto in motion & there's no stopping this weed seed! Programmed for maximum performance, nothing throws this super-performer off track.

  • 900 gr/m2, 19% THC, 75 Days from Seed!
  • Genuine Haze Genetics - Mostly Sativa
Sour Turbo Diesel thumbnail

Sour Turbo Diesel

Strong Diesel Twang - Domina's Knockout Punch!

Sour Turbo Diesel combines two of the world's all-time best strains to create a crystal-coated, couch-lock inducing, mouth-puckering beast that won't be denied!

  • 450 gr/m2 Inside with a 60-day Finish
  • Perfect for SOG - Easy Trimming!
White Chronic thumbnail

White Chronic

White Widow X Chronic - Top Shelf, Baby!

For Grade A results, you have to start off with Grade A cannabis seeds. And that's exactly what you'll get with White Chronic. She's fast, she's strong, & she's super sticky!

  • 450 gr/m2 Inside, 700 gr/m2 Outside, 17% THC
  • Only Needs 50 to 55 Days to Get You There!
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These Cannabis Seeds Always Rise to the Top!

Put Cream of the Crop Seeds next to any other brand and they'll soon rise to the top as your favourite choice thanks to their reliability and consistency. To make sure you're always completely satisfied, this crew puts an unbelievable amount of time into each 100% feminized seed, testing them across multiple generations and in a variety of environments, before releasing them for sale. You've just entered the no short-cut zone!

  • 100% Feminized Seeds of the Highest Quality
  • Photoperiod and Fully Automatic Hybrids
  • Classics & Brand-New Crosses
  • Great Prices - Very Affordable

No matter what you're looking for, Cream of the Crop delivers! Their extensive catalog includes classic, must-have strains that have reached legendary status as well as new, completely unique crosses that highlight in-demand traits like fast finishes, vivid colours, sweet fruit flavours & extra-heavy resin content. Best of all, the quality is high and the prices are extra low. That's a rock-solid combination!

Cream of the Crop Seeds are very affordable, but who doesn't like to save more? The Rhino has done all the comparison shopping for you so that you always get the absolute best deal possible. And, if someone undercuts the big horned one while he's not looking, we've got a low-price guarantee that makes sure you're covered no matter what! Just let us know within 30 days of your order & we'll make it right.

Buy Your Cream of the Crop Seeds Today - You'll Be Glad You Did!