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Black Russian Feminized thumbnail

Black Russian Feminized

From Delicious Seeds, White Russian is a cross including Black Domina which increases the organoleptic qualities of the herb improving its structure, flavor and aroma! Its aroma ranges from desired t
Caramelo thumbnail


Soft, lush & fruity, Caramelo Feminized is a seductive strain that tastes like passion fruit and smells like delicate lavender! However, there’s nothing prissy about this feminized seed’s power – Cara
Cheese Candy thumbnail

Cheese Candy

Cheese Candy might sound like a sweet-shop nightmare, but this is a truly tasty medicinal cannabis seed. In addition to its sweet flavour & intense aroma, Cheese Candy finishes extremely fast to provi
Cotton Candy thumbnail

Cotton Candy

It just doesn’t get any sweeter than Cotton Candy Feminized! This sugary mix of Lavender and Power Plant is sweet, soft and potent with large foxtail nuggs. By the time it finishes, Cotton Candy’s lov
Critical Jack Herer Feminized thumbnail

Critical Jack Herer Feminized

From Delicious Seeds, Critical Jack Herer is another super Sativa with a Haze flavor similar to the genial Jack Herer but with an elevated production thanks to the critical + genetic input that also s
Critical Kali Mist thumbnail

Critical Kali Mist

In short, this plant will remind you of the Kali mist metallic and incense attributes with the yield of the Critical that grows well indoors thanks to the Shantibaba. Indoors, this strain finishes ar
Critical Neville Haze thumbnail

Critical Neville Haze

Delicious Seeds should be proud of this cross because, not only does it produce heavily, it also has a 23.5% THC content and to find these two qualities combined is rare. With Critical Neville Haze,
Critical Sensi Star thumbnail

Critical Sensi Star

Critical Sensi Star from Delicious Seeds is an Indica dominant hybrid that shows extreme power. Being 90% Indica, she produces heavily and the aroma mirrors that of an intense and pleasant musk of a
Critical Super Silver Haze thumbnail

Critical Super Silver Haze

Critical Super Silver Haze incorporates all the original SSH qualities but now with a shortened flowering cycle, slightly bigger yields, and a small musk hint thanks to the Critical +. The Sativa eff
Critical Yumbolt thumbnail

Critical Yumbolt

Delicious Seeds La Diva thumbnail

Delicious Seeds La Diva

The Diavolo gains blue trends and blends and maintains its ultra rapid growth cycle. With a new aroma and color, La Diva is assured to surprise and satisfy any grower. Its crop will surprise any beg
Delicious Seeds La Musa thumbnail

Delicious Seeds La Musa

Filled with awe-inspiring power, La Musa Automatic is a potent blend of two autoflowering powerhouses with a very unusual flavour. La Musa Automatic mixes bitter chocolate with licorice for a new tast
Fruity Chronic Juice thumbnail

Fruity Chronic Juice

Delicious Seeds has accomplished a unification of the productive qualities of Chronic with the powerful medical effects of White Widow with Fruity Chronic Juice. With great production and a surprisin
La Bella Afrodita thumbnail

La Bella Afrodita

With 20% THC and 450-gram yields, La Bella Afrodita Auto is not your typical autoflowering cannabis seed! La Bella Afrodita Auto is a smashing mix of Diavalo & AK47 Auto that develops long branches co
La Frutta Di Venus thumbnail

La Frutta Di Venus

Marmalate thumbnail


An explosive mixture of flavours from our genetic dispensary. Critical Bilbo, which looks like a Sativa, but with marked Indica characteristics and Lavender, an Indica look-alike with Sativa tendencie
Northern Light Blue thumbnail

Northern Light Blue

In the mood to kick back & relax? Northern Light Blue Auto is totally chill! Whether you’re in the mood to meditate or just hang out with your mates, Northern Light Blue Auto has the power and the int
Northern Light Blue Feminized thumbnail

Northern Light Blue Feminized

Northern Light Blue is a 100% Indica from Delicious Seeds’ Indica line that has an astonishingly high THC content and absurdly large production habits. If you want an appropriate strain for meditatio
Sugar Black Rose thumbnail

Sugar Black Rose

Sugar Black Rose is a unique and exclusive experience that would most likely tickle the fancy of any connoisseur. Sugar Black Rose is a cross between two of the most appreciated genetics that have be
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These Indulgent Cannabis Seeds are Practically Hedonistic!

Sweet flavours, lush aromas and extemely relaxing effects are the status quo at luxury cannabis seed breeder Delicious Seeds. This group of Spanish stoners knows exactly what it takes to create the dankest of the dank. Even the names roll off the toungue like liquid candy!

To see what we mean, check out Cotton Candy or Caramelo, two strains sweet enough to rot your teeth! Both of these Delicious Seeds practically glow with power (thanks to a full 20% THC on average) and they taste fabulous. Cheese Candy, on the other hand, sounds a little strange, but she's outrageously good even for a Cheese strain! In fact, there's no such thing as a bad Delicious Seed!

Whether you go for a 100% feminized Delicious Seeds' strain or one of their incredibly fast, extra-potent autoflowering seeds, you'll get the lowest prices & the fastest shipping in the UK when you buy from Rhino Seeds. We specialize in discreet packaging and guarantee every delivery.

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