Soft, lush & fruity, Caramelo Feminized is a seductive strain that tastes like passion fruit and smells like delicate lavender! However, there’s nothing prissy about this feminized seed’s power – Caramelo Feminized has an astounding 20% THC rating.
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    Free shipping and seeds

    Sweet and seductive, Caramelo Feminized teases your nose with an intense lavender bouquet before satisfying your taste buds with the rich tropical flavour of juicy passion fruit! A true pleasure for all of your senses, this Sativa-dominant hybrid will knock you out with her 20% THC rating.

    Caramelo Feminized offers the proven power of a true champion! These Feminized Seeds have won numerous awards including first place for an indoor strain at the Cannabis Cup. If the promise of energizing effects don’t get you moving, maybe Caramelo’s stellar reputation will!

    • Lavender X Lavender – Soft & Fruity
    • Multi-Cup Champion – Proven Power!
    • 70% Sativa – Up & Energizing
    • 20% THC – Awesome!

    If you crave colourful blaze, Caramelo Feminized Seeds are just what you need! This delightful Lavender double-cross has a deep palette of rich purple hues that are covered in vibrant explosions of sticky, crystal-covered nuggs!

    At Rhino, we can’t seem to get enough Caramelo Feminized Cannabis Seeds, but we don’t have a thing that resembles this description. They’re completely authentic, but in a dormant state for collectors. Remember, germination and cultivation are illegal in most countries.

    just what i wanted - something a little different with a high level of quality.
    Peyton - 12 September 2012 01:45:09

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