Cotton Candy
It just doesn’t get any sweeter than Cotton Candy Feminized! This sugary mix of Lavender and Power Plant is sweet, soft and potent with large foxtail nuggs. By the time it finishes, Cotton Candy’s lovely metallic lavender colour is just as delightful as h
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Looking for a sugar fix? Cotton Candy Feminized soothes your sweet tooth while it feeds your head! The flavour is sugary with notes of sweet citrus, and the potent effect can only be described as uplifting, euphoric and intoxicating.

    These marijuana seeds only take about 60 to 70 days to deliver an amazing amount of blaze. Over time, Cotton Candy Feminized Seeds turn a lovely metallic lavender with huge, foxtail-shaped nuggs.

    • Lavender X Power Plant – Soft, Sugary & Potent!
    • 2nd Place for Indoor Strains at La Marina Baixa 2011
    • 75% Sativa – Very Euphoric Highs
    • 20% THC & Strong Citrus Flavours

    Even Cotton Candy Feminized’s intense aroma is enough to make you feel slightly intoxicated! These tasty cannabis seeds can reach the 20% THC mark if allowed to run their full course. If you’re looking for a killer combo of flavour, aroma, yield and potency, this is the one!

    At Rhino, we start to drool as soon as the Cotton Candy Feminized Cannabis Seeds roll into our warehouse, but these sweet beans don’t look like this description! Our dormant collectibles are meant to be stored but not used for any illegal purpose including cultivation or germination.

    mine weren't exactly as described, but it was a pretty good one anyway. just thought it would be a little different.
    ashley - 12 September 2012 01:52:34

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