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Black Sugar thumbnail

Black Sugar

Black Sugar looks like an Indica but has all the quality of a Sativa! This exceptionally short strain tastes great and smells even better! With a near-black cure, Black Sugar is deliciously dark with
Blueberry thumbnail


With its fruity aroma, the blueberry flavor won this Cannabis strain an award in the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup with its pleasantly euphoric high that is quite long lasting and has a strong shelf li
Brainstorm Haze thumbnail

Brainstorm Haze

Brainstorm Haze could be responsible for your next whirlwind of creativity! This Sativa-dominant cannabis seed is upbeat and motivating, the perfect choice to act as your private muse. With Brainstorm
CannaSutra thumbnail


Easily supercropped and maintained, she finishes flowering in under 10 weeks and puts on impressive girth in the final two weeks of flowering. The flowers seem very airy up until the last week when t
Caramelo thumbnail


Soft, lush & fruity, Caramelo Feminized is a seductive strain that tastes like passion fruit and smells like delicate lavender! However, there’s nothing prissy about this feminized seed’s power – Cara
Ceres Indoors Mix thumbnail

Ceres Indoors Mix

The Indoor Mix is simply a hodge podge of the available Cannabis seeds suitable for indoor cultivation! It is just the best from Ceres Seeds in one pack!
Ceres Kush thumbnail

Ceres Kush

With roots stemming from Afghanistan and India, Kush has made a glorious come back. This Cannabis variety grows dense flowers on a short and tight plant. It has a taste similar to hashish and a very comfortable and settling high
Ceres Skunk thumbnail

Ceres Skunk

Ceres Skunk is a fitting tribute to old-school stinkmasters! Classically pungent and packed to the brim with sweet flavour and rock-hard crystals, Ceres Skunk is the real deal!
Cocoa Kush thumbnail

Cocoa Kush

This quasi hybrid grows to a decent height and has short internode lengths and large dark leaves coming off thick stalks that house tight but elongated flowers coated in thick trichomes that emit supe
Cotton Candy thumbnail

Cotton Candy

It just doesn’t get any sweeter than Cotton Candy Feminized! This sugary mix of Lavender and Power Plant is sweet, soft and potent with large foxtail nuggs. By the time it finishes, Cotton Candy’s lov
Cream Mandarine thumbnail

Cream Mandarine

With smashing yields and a sweet, citrusy aroma, Cream Mandarine Auto is an exquisite AutoFem! Cream Mandarine Auto only takes about 9 weeks to deliver gigantic, purplish-red nuggs coated in sticky cr
DJ Short Flo Regular thumbnail

DJ Short Flo Regular

Flo is a Sativa x Indica cross from Dj Short with a very Sativa like phenotype that happens to mature much earlier than most Sativas. The buds strongly resemble those of Sativas being long spears tha
Dark Delight thumbnail

Dark Delight

Indulge your need for pure indulgence with Dark Delight Feminized! Treat yourself to a true sensimilla that focuses on lush quality rather than crass quantity with smooth, satisfying highs and rich, v
Delicious Seeds La Diva thumbnail

Delicious Seeds La Diva

The Diavolo gains blue trends and blends and maintains its ultra rapid growth cycle. With a new aroma and color, La Diva is assured to surprise and satisfy any grower. Its crop will surprise any beg
Delicious Seeds La Musa thumbnail

Delicious Seeds La Musa

Filled with awe-inspiring power, La Musa Automatic is a potent blend of two autoflowering powerhouses with a very unusual flavour. La Musa Automatic mixes bitter chocolate with licorice for a new tast
Delta 9 Labs Aiea thumbnail

Delta 9 Labs Aiea

Aiea brings together the best of the east and the west. As a Hawaiian Indica, this strain was conceived after breeding in a bushy Afghan male that left the dominant flavor of the Hawaiian but greatly
Delta 9 Labs Star Gazer thumbnail

Delta 9 Labs Star Gazer

High in THC, this Cannabis strain has quite a strong high and has small pink hairs thanks to its AK and Warlock parents. The smoke is said to be rich and deep with woody and piney elements and finish
Delta 9 Labs Super Star thumbnail

Delta 9 Labs Super Star

The high is very clear with minimal confusion and very creatively inspirational. A multiple award winning Sensi Star from Paradise Seeds was crossed with a Sensi Star variety from the Labs resulting
Double Kush thumbnail

Double Kush

Double Kush from Delta 9 Labs is a cross between TH Seeds Kushage and an Afghan from the Labs that resulted in a thoroughly enjoyable smoke with very pleasant after effects. Double Kush has THICK smo
F.O.G. (Fruit of the Gods) thumbnail

F.O.G. (Fruit of the Gods)

FOG expresses amazing fruity flavors and beautiful purple colors under the right conditions. This strain is a combo of NL5 Haze and Skunk #1 and is probably mostly Sativa but still has many Indica el
Showing 1-20 of 49

Pure Luxury, Sheer Elegance and Unmatched Quality!

Discover an exciting world where beauty, grace and elegance are valued just as highly as raw power, mindblowing highs and awe-inspiring yields! The breeders at Delicious Seeds offer extreme luxury to the cannabis connoisseur with lush autoflowering marijuana seeds of the highest quality. If you're looking for a full-blown experience with depth and substance that awakens every single one of your senses, you've found your own personal Garden of Eden!

  • Fantastic New Flavours that Defy the Imagination
  • Exclusive Genetic Mixes - Fully Tested for Power, Stability & Consistency
  • Autoflowering, Feminized and Designed for the Highest Level of Pleasure

Based in sunny Spain, Delicious Seeds leverages the inherent romance of their native tongue to fully describe the intense allure of their premium line of autoflowering cannabis seeds. How can you resist trying La Bella Afrodita Auto? Translated to "the Beautiful Aphrodite," this feminized seed, like every other original blend developed by this highly acclaimed breeder, is truly fit to honor the gods of cannabis.

According to the Rhino, every single autoflowering bean in the Delicious Seeds lineup is lip-smacking good! He has a big, old crush on most of these lovely ladies, but that doesn't stop him from moving heaven and earth to get you the best deals on the most beautiful AutoFems in the universe! Pair this with our super-fast delivery, discreet packaging and friendly customer service for a truly unique shopping experience.

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