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Afghan Cow thumbnail

Afghan Cow

A Cerebral Mind Blower with 22% THC!

Afghan Cow has enough yield to choke a very stoned horse with up to 850 gr/m2 inside or 1300 gr/seed outside. This one's beefy!

  • Calm Mental Effects - Meditative
  • 8 to 9 Weeks of Finish Inside
Bulk Smash Auto thumbnail

Bulk Smash Auto

Krippling Power - Astonishing Speed!

Blue Kripple got it on with Incredible Bulk Auto to create this new automatic monster. Depending on how you do it, this bean can go all the way to 800 grams in just 6 weeks!

  • 7 Weeks Inside with 280 to 750 gr/m2
  • 6-10 Weeks Outside with 200 to 800 gr/seed
Buzz Light Gear thumbnail

Buzz Light Gear

100% Sativa with 23% THC!

To complete their collection, Dr Krippling created this rare 100% Sativa based on 3 incredible Haze strains with a flavour & aroma that's even better than the energetic high!

  • Amnesia Haze X Kali Mist X G13 Haze
  • Up to 800 gr/m2 Inside, 1400 gr/seed Outside
Chemdog Millionaire thumbnail

Chemdog Millionaire

22% THC & 1 Kilo Each In Greenhouse!

Chemdog Millionaire is a priceless cannabis gem inside or out, but she reaches her true potential of 1 Kilo/seed inside a greenhouse. Highs are strong, long-lasting & multi-dimensional.

  • Medium Heights with Lots of Branches
  • 8 to 9 Week Finishes Inside - Packed with Flavour!
Chocolate Orange Auto thumbnail

Chocolate Orange Auto

Fast Finishes, High Yields, Gourmet Flavours

Chocolate Orange Auto is a must-have! In just 60 days, this baby can go all the way to 450 gr/m2 featuring a smooth creamy flavour with a zing of orange zest.

  • Very High Quality - Stunning!
  • Easy to Manage - Short Heights
Delhi Friend thumbnail

Delhi Friend

Near-Pure Indica with 20% THC

Delhi Friend is a real beast with massive yields, extra-thick resin & a true couchlocking stone. Ready to meet your new best bud? Order now!

  • Thick, Hashy Smell & Endless Crystals
  • 95% Indica, 800 gr/m2 Yields, 6 to 8 Weeks
Ganj of New York thumbnail

Ganj of New York


Ganj of New York is a NYCD X Black Diesel mix with intense aromas, perfect bud formation & a stunning 19% THC level. Killer yields are a welcome bonus!

  • Sour & Tangy - Delicious!
  • Loves SOG - Beginner Friendly
Gelato Cookie D'Oh-ope Auto thumbnail

Gelato Cookie D'Oh-ope Auto

Girl Scout Cookie Genetics - 7 Week Finishes!

As part of Dr Krippling's highly esteemed Triple G line, this Grand Heft Auto X GSC X Gelato mix is crushing it with high yields, fast finishes and a delicious flavour that'll make you say: Please Sir, Can I have another!

  • Code Named GGG #3 Automatic
  • Up to 80 gram Yield - Each!
Gorilla Infused Gelato Auto thumbnail

Gorilla Infested Gelato Auto

High THC - Sensual Edge

Not only does Gorilla Infested Gelato taste great, she's got a strong, long-lasting high with a sensual edge that'll make you want to be touched all over. Ready to give her a whirl?

  • Affectionately Known as GGG #2
  • Finishes in Just 8 Weeks, 100 gr/seed Yields
Grand Heft Auto thumbnail

Grand Heft Auto

Play This Game & Score Big!

Grand Heft Auto is a magnificent strain, going off like a nuclear bomb in the last two weeks. Prepare now for rock-hard explosions of trich-encrusted buds!

  • Up to 60 gr/seed Inside, 100 gr/seed Outside
  • Over & Done in 80 Days or Less from Seed
Guy's Girl Scout Cookie Glue Auto thumbnail

Guy's Girl Scout Cookie Glue Auto

8 Weeks, 115 gr/seed, A Genetic Triple Threat!

In just 8 weeks from seed, this Grand Heft Auto X GG#4 X GSC triple cross will go totally insane, reaching a massive 115 gr/seed yield made up of giant colas totally engulfed in resin. Yeah, boy!

  • Also Known As GGG #1 Seeds
  • Very High THC - Satisfying Highs
Incredible Bulk Auto thumbnail

Incredible Bulk Auto

From Tiny Bean to Raging Green Monster in <70 Days!

This raging AutoFem will explode right before your very eyes, going from mild speck to a towering monster bristling with rock-hard buds. Buy now & release the beast!

  • Yields Can Go as High as 650 gr/m2 Inside
  • Outside, 100 gr/seed Can Happen!
Kripple Roulette thumbnail

Kripple Roulette

Win Big with 21% THC!

The power is immense & the yields are massive - that makes every single Kripple Roulette Seed a bona fide winner. Order yours today!

  • Inside: 6/7 weeks for 400 to 750 gr/m2
  • Outside: September for 700 to 1000 gr/seed
Mango Chutney thumbnail

Mango Chutney

Packin' Heat in More Ways than 1!

Mango Chutney brings the heat with a full 23% THC & delectable fire-infused fruit flavour. This is one Sativa you will never forget!

  • Tastes Like Sweet Fruit & Hot Spices
  • Extremely Potent - Krippling!
Mind Can'Trol thumbnail

Mind Can'Trol

You Won't Be Able to Help Yourself!

Mind Can'Trol is so good you won't be able to resist her charms, not that you'd try! This is one of the most tempting mixes of Skunk & Diesel we've ever seen.

  • Requires 8 to 9 Weeks of Finish
  • Up to 600 gr/m2 of Big, Sticky Nuggs!
Mong-U-Mental thumbnail


A Monumental Couchlocker with 1100 gr/seed Yields!

If you're looking for couchlock & plenty of it, you'll kick yourself if you take a pass on this new Dr Krippling strain. She's wicked strong and tasty, too!

  • A Full 19.5% THC - Very Potent
  • Recommended for Greenhouses
OG Kush Auto thumbnail

OG Kush Auto

A Faster OG - 70 Days from Seed!

OG Kush is a true legend with proven results, but Dr K just improved this epic mix with just enough Ruderalis to shorten the finish without lowering the power!

  • Very Potent - 17% THC
  • Strong, Long-Lasting Highs
Patel's Cornershop Special thumbnail

Patel's Cornershop Surprise

18% THC, Kilo-Plus Yields, Devastating Effects!

Brand new for 2017, this Delhi Friend X Patel's OG Kush cross demonstrates exactly how far UK genetics can go! In greenhouse testing, these very special feminized seeds yielded over a Kilo each.

  • Sweet Taste, Hashy Aroms
  • Early Finishes - Medium Sized
Pickled Diesel Auto thumbnail

Pickled Diesel Auto

Strong Fruit Flavour & Hints of Dill

To create this potent AutoFem, Dr Krippling combined his best Diesels for incredible flavours & smells including lemon, orange, pineapple, grapefruit ... and dill!

  • 17% THC - 60 to 70 Day Finishes
  • Rock-Solid Bud Formation
Puff Puff Pass Out thumbnail

Puff Puff Pass Out

Tolerance Will Not Be a Problem!

Strictly for the most hardcore tokers, Dr Krippling's Puff Puff Pass Out is guaranteed to knock you on your bum with a single punch - no excuses, no execeptions!

  • Only Needs 7 to 9 Weeks of Bloom
  • 20% THC - 75% Indica - 100% Bad Ass!
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Dr Krippling's Got Your Prescription for Strong Medicine!

If European genetics get your motor running, push the pedal to the metal with Dr Krippling Seeds! This relatively new breeder is a London staple, but he gets his incredible line of feminized seeds from a wide network of European connections. After all, breeding, testing, even germination is illegal in the UK - even if you have a medical marijuana degree!

So how does the big doc get the job done? His family of breeders have pulled together the biggest gene pool in cannabis seed history so that every time they take a dip, they come out with a winner. Thousands of seeds are popped daily, only the absolute best of each generation are kept, and the final selection is tested over & over to ensure every last detail is absolutely perfect. There is no room for error in Dr Krippling's world!

  • Wide Range of Breeding Stock - Top Quality
  • Hundreds Popped Daily to Ensure Absolute Perfection
  • Amped-Up Features - More Power, More Yield, More Smell!

Dr Krippling's strains crush it with superior genetics that boost yields & power to unheard of levels while amping up the flavour & aroma even more. This, my friends, is like weed seeds on steroids! When the news reports say that today's marijuana seeds are 10X stronger than old-school weed, this is what they're talking about. Dr Krippling does not disappoint!

Looking for an amazing deal on Dr Krippling's Incredible Bulk? Or maybe you prefer Spinning Buzz Kick? Or the limited edition Gang-Nam Style? The Rhino's got you covered with the lowest prices on the net paired with fast shipping & excellent customer service. Order once & you'll see exactly what we mean - you'll be hooked!

Order Your Dr Krippling Seeds Now - They're Amazing!