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Bulk Smash Auto thumbnail

Bulk Smash Auto

Krippling Power - Astonishing Speed!

Blue Kripple got it on with Incredible Bulk Auto to create this new automatic monster. Depending on how you do it, this bean can go all the way to 800 grams in just 6 weeks!

  • 7 Weeks Inside with 280 to 750 gr/m2
  • 6-10 Weeks Outside with 200 to 800 gr/seed
Choc-Matic Auto thumbnail

Choc-Matic Auto

Black Domina Potency with Critical Mass Bulk!

Dr Krippling's Choc-Matic Auto pairs the legendary power of Black Domina with Critical Mass's astonishing yields for the perfect, chocolate-flavoured combination!

  • Finishes in 80 Days or Less from Seed
  • Can Get Tall - 16% THC
Chocolate Orange Auto thumbnail

Chocolate Orange Auto

Fast Finishes, High Yields, Gourmet Flavours

Chocolate Orange Auto is a must-have! In just 60 days, this baby can go all the way to 450 gr/m2 featuring a smooth creamy flavour with a zing of orange zest.

  • Very High Quality - Stunning!
  • Easy to Manage - Short Heights
Dizzy Lights Auto thumbnail

Dizzy Lights Auto

Head-Spinning Speed & Krippling Highs!

Dr Krippling enhanced classic Northern Lights Auto to bring you an even better version of this legendary indoor strain. Dizzy Lights Auto only needs 75 Days!

  • Extra-Thick Crystals - Hash Friendly!
  • Up to 45 gr/seed Inside - 1.5 Meters
Gelato Cookie D'Oh-ope Auto thumbnail

Gelato Cookie D'Oh-ope Auto

Girl Scout Cookie Genetics - 7 Week Finishes!

As part of Dr Krippling's highly esteemed Triple G line, this Grand Heft Auto X GSC X Gelato mix is crushing it with high yields, fast finishes and a delicious flavour that'll make you say: Please Sir, Can I have another!

  • Code Named GGG #3 Automatic
  • Up to 80 gram Yield - Each!
Gorilla Infused Gelato Auto thumbnail

Gorilla Infested Gelato Auto

High THC - Sensual Edge

Not only does Gorilla Infested Gelato taste great, she's got a strong, long-lasting high with a sensual edge that'll make you want to be touched all over. Ready to give her a whirl?

  • Affectionately Known as GGG #2
  • Finishes in Just 8 Weeks, 100 gr/seed Yields
Grand Heft Auto thumbnail

Grand Heft Auto

Play This Game & Score Big!

Grand Heft Auto is a magnificent strain, going off like a nuclear bomb in the last two weeks. Prepare now for rock-hard explosions of trich-encrusted buds!

  • Up to 60 gr/seed Inside, 100 gr/seed Outside
  • Over & Done in 80 Days or Less from Seed
Guy's Girl Scout Cookie Glue Auto thumbnail

Guy's Girl Scout Cookie Glue Auto

8 Weeks, 115 gr/seed, A Genetic Triple Threat!

In just 8 weeks from seed, this Grand Heft Auto X GG#4 X GSC triple cross will go totally insane, reaching a massive 115 gr/seed yield made up of giant colas totally engulfed in resin. Yeah, boy!

  • Also Known As GGG #1 Seeds
  • Very High THC - Satisfying Highs
Incredible Bulk Auto thumbnail

Incredible Bulk Auto

From Tiny Bean to Raging Green Monster in <70 Days!

This raging AutoFem will explode right before your very eyes, going from mild speck to a towering monster bristling with rock-hard buds. Buy now & release the beast!

  • Yields Can Go as High as 650 gr/m2 Inside
  • Outside, 100 gr/seed Can Happen!
Jumping Black Dash Auto thumbnail

Jumping Black Dash Auto

Sweet Black Grape Taste & 17% THC!

With this kind of power, there's no reason not to cut down the time with a high-performance AutoFem like Jumping Black Dash. This one's the shiznit!

  • Rocky & Dense without any Fluff
  • 80 to 85 Day Finishes Inside
Krippleberry Auto thumbnail

Krippleberry Auto

Sweet, Smooth & Utterly Devastating!

The clear Blueberry flavour is soft & smooth, but there's nothing gentle about Krippleberry Auto's righteous high. It shoots right past chill & heads directly to baked!

  • Tight, Dense, Compact & Resinous
  • Intense Aroma, 16% THC, 60 Days
OG Kush Auto thumbnail

OG Kush Auto

A Faster OG - 70 Days from Seed!

OG Kush is a true legend with proven results, but Dr K just improved this epic mix with just enough Ruderalis to shorten the finish without lowering the power!

  • Very Potent - 17% THC
  • Strong, Long-Lasting Highs
Pickled Diesel Auto thumbnail

Pickled Diesel Auto

Strong Fruit Flavour & Hints of Dill

To create this potent AutoFem, Dr Krippling combined his best Diesels for incredible flavours & smells including lemon, orange, pineapple, grapefruit ... and dill!

  • 17% THC - 60 to 70 Day Finishes
  • Rock-Solid Bud Formation
Pineapple Express Auto thumbnail

Pineapple Express Auto

A Sexy Pineapple Scented Auto with 20% THC

Hedonism ruled the day Fast Buds released Pineapple Express Auto! This pineapple scented & flavoured AutoFem is a luxury strain with a sensual high that'll erase all your inhibitions.

  • Literally Dripping with Resin Crystals
  • Sativa Dominant for Uplifting Cerebral Highs
Sonic Bloom thumbnail

Sonic Bloom Auto

Go from Zero to Hero in 65 Days!

Sonic Bloom Auto is a potent blend of Nepalese & Indian strains with a whopping 18% THC & massive, resin-dripping yields of Indica-dominant dank.

  • Up to 120 cm Indoors
  • Heavy Physical Stones
Spinning Buzz Kick Auto thumbnail

Spinning Buzz Kick Auto

65 Days & Your Ass Will Be Kicked!

This is a must-have for any self-respecting Auto fan! Spinning Buzz Kick only needs 65 days to pump out up to 80 grams of ass-kicking herb with sweet, sugary flavours.

  • Northern Lights X Black Domina Auto
  • 10-35 gr/seed Inside, 20-80 gr/seed Outside
Super Skunk Auto thumbnail

Super Skunk Auto

Proven Genetics, Modern Speed!

You can rely on Super Skunk Auto 100%! This is one of the most stable breeds ever created & she'll pump out big yields right on schedule each & every time.

  • 85 Days from Seed
  • Up to 500 gr/m2 Inside!
White Rush Auto thumbnail

White Rush Auto

Dab-Friendly, 16% THC, 500 gr/m!

White Rush Auto was made specifically for all you dab fans out there who dream of endless goo & short finishes. The flavours are sweet, strong & like candied lemon!

  • Beginner Friendly
  • Short & Sturdy
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Dr Krippling - An Expert in Shockingly Good Herbal Remedies!

Dr Krippling might be a nutter, his genetics are undoubtably insane, but he's crazy like a fox when it comes to releasing fully autoflowering seeds that will exceed your wildest expectations by way more than a mile. These beans are fast, they're strong, they're stinky and they will fill your mouth with flavour that lasts for hours. Just don't be surprised when they cackle in the middle of the night for no apparent reason & wear your best reflector as a hat. It's a price well worth paying for pure pot genius!

So, how does the good doctor do it? He's got a wide network of breeders and other cannabis experts spread across Europe in weed-friendly places who have decades of experience manipulating this magical herb & bending it to their will. They have practically every strain imaginable at their disposal for breeding stock and they pop hundreds, sometimes thousands, of weed seeds each week - and only the absolute best make it through their testing program to reach you, our loyal customer.

  • Automatic But They Outperform Many Photoperiod Seeds
  • The Perfect Mix of Insanity, Love & Science - Sheer Perfection!
  • Nothing's Faster - They're Like Tiny Little Blurs!

Because each automatic seed is fully tested by a large number of professionals, using just about every setup you can imagine, and in many different countries, you can depend on Dr Krippling Seeds to perform well in any environment, with just about any nutrient you can think of, and for just about any experience level. In other words, these AutoFems have been put through their paces, refined & fine-tuned without mercy, until they're ready, able & willing to do your bidding. Bless their crazy, little hearts!

Even crazier than Dr Krippling, The Rhino has slashed prices until we're ready to send him away for a few weeks of rest & relaxation. In a manic fit, he's spent who knows how many sleepless nights texting & calling our suppliers until they all dropped their prices just to shut him up. Now it's time for you to take advantage of all that hard work by buying some of the best but cheapest cannabis seeds on the planet - before he starts blowing up your phone. Just saying!

Don't Miss Out - Get Your Dr Krippling Seeds Today & Stay Medicated!