Mango Chutney
Only the Doctor would come up with a recipe that mixes fiery hot flavour with the sweet & sour taste of rich tropical fruit, but we have to admit this one's a winner! In addition to being simply delicious, Mango Chutney is bursting with THC (up to 23%) & capable of producing stupid-big yields (up to 850 gr/m2 inside). She's a great choice!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • High Potency - 23% THC
  • Very Generous Yields
  • Amazing Taste & Smell
  • 20% Indica - 80% Sativa
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

Aka Mango Cut-Knee - Wanna Know Why?

Because, Dr Krippling says too much Mango Chutney Seeds could cause you to fall over without warning & "cut your knee." Any prescription for this amazing Sativa should includes things like enjoy in moderation, do not operate heavy equipment and use only on soft surfaces. Anything else would be irresponsible!

  • Mango Chutney Yields up to 1200 gr/seed!
  • Sweet & Sour Fruit Combines with Fiery Spices
  • 80% Sativa with up to 23% THC
  • Top Quality with a Sweet Citrus Aroma

We've talked about the flavour, we've talked about the power, now let's talk about the yield. With Dr Krippling's Mango Chutney, you won't walk away unsatisfied. Indoors, these babies are capable of reaching between 450 & 850 gr/m2 with outdoors seeing numbers in the 600 to 1200 gr/seed range. Brilliant!

If you're looking for high-powered cannabis seeds, you've came to the right place! The Rhino's got a wide selection of beans with 20% or more THC and they're not hard to find. Simply look on our High THC Page - you'll love the power & you'll love the prices. Check 'em out!

Get Your Mango Chutney Feminized Seeds Now - They're Amazing!

NB: The Mango Chutney strain sounds amazing, but Rhino Seeds only sells these cannabis seeds as collectible souvenirs in compliance with UK law. Germination & cultivation are strictly prohibited.

Flowering Time
9-12 weeks
Thc Level
High : 15% +
Flowering Outdoors
Middle to End of October
Sativa/Indica Notes
80% Sativa, 20% Indica
Sativa >50% Cannabis Seeds
THC Notes
19 to 23%
Flowering Time Notes
9 to 10 Weeks
Cannabis Genetics
Somango X Western Winds
Outdoor Yield
600 to 1200 gr/seed
Indoor Yield
450 to 850 gr/m2

To breed Mango Chutney, Dr Krippling crossed the legendary Somango strain with Western Winds. They dialed up the THC to an astounding 19 to 23% on average with equally generous yields. Indoors, it'll take 9 to 10 days after the flip to reach up to 850 gr/m2.

The flavour is an interesting mix of sweet & sour fruit and peppery spices that's truly unique and unforgettable, while the aroma is more classic with a sweet citrus smell that teases and tantalizes with hints of things to come. Oozing with resin, bursting with vigour and overflowing with power, Mango Chutney Cannabis Seeds are a must-try for all Sativa lovers!

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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • High Potency - 23% THC
  • Very Generous Yields
  • Amazing Taste & Smell
  • 20% Indica - 80% Sativa

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Mango Chutney is a potent cannabis seed propagated by Dr Krippling Seeds out of London. The Dr Krippling brand is British to the core, but they don't break the law. All breeding is conducted in other European countries where that practice is legal. For truly impressive feminized & autoflowering seeds, get your genuine Dr Krippling Seeds today!