AutoBlackberry Kush

The Darker the Berry, the Sweeter the Weed Seed!

Dark, dank & delicious, AutoBlackberry Kush tastes sweet & fruity with just a touch of earthy Kush to balance out the sugary flavour. Anything more and it would be just a tad too much. But, no matter how pleasing to the eye or the palate, no autoflowering seed would be complete without some kickass yields and power. This bean has it all - up to 135 gr/seed of rock-solid buds paired with a genuine Indica stone that's perfectly chill but still functional. Brilliant!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Autoflowering
  • Sweet & Fruity
  • 135 gr in 10 Weeks
  • Free shipping and seeds
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    A Killer Kush with Gourmet Flavours!

    AutoBlackberry Kush Seeds have it all! This fully autoflowering seed by Dutch Passion can go from start to finish in just 10 weeks total while still pumping out up to 135 gr/seed. Along the way, these cannabis seeds put on quite a show with a dazzling colour transformation that's a true pleasure to watch. This Kush doesn't skimp on power either - the overall effect is strong but functional with an unmistakable body stone.

    • AutoBlackberry Kush Finishes in 10 Weeks Total!
    • Sweet & Fruity with Plenty of Colour
    • Big, Dense Flowers with Little Fluff
    • Original Blueberry Genetics - Top Shelf, Baby!

    Fresh, Dutch Passion's AutoBlackberry Kush has a fresh aroma that mixes exotic spices with a sweet, floral scent. During the cure, the spices come out even more, but this herb never loses its sugary quality. This beginner-friendly AutoFem almost never exceeds a full meter in height with most staying much smaller - she's a great choice for any small, low-profile space!

    Grab Your AutoBlackberry Kush Seeds Today - They're Like Springtime in a Bean!

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    Indoor ? Yes
    Outdoor ? Yes
    Cannabis Genetics Original Blueberry X Dark Kush
    Flowering Time ? Autoflowering
    Height notes 75 to 100 cm
    Yield ? Average
    Yield Notes 135 gr/seed
    Greenhouse ? Yes
    With over 25 years of amazing success in the cannabis seed trade, Amsterdam-based Dutch Passion is the gold standard for weed seeds! What makes Dutch Passion such an enduring force in the world of high-powered cannabis seeds? They're responsible for unforgettable classics like Original Blueberry, they pioneered the feminization process in 1998 and they're one of the few breeders who give exact measurements for both THC & CBD for virtually every strain in their lineup. In fact, one of their latest strains, Think Different, is the perfect example of Dutch Passion's philosophy of innovation, improvement and excellence!