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Original Blueberry is an Indica/Sativa (80/20) Cannabis strain with Thai and Oaxacan parentage first developed in the late 1970's that is well known for its euphoric high, long shelf life, its fruity
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Euforia Cannabis seeds are popular with commercial Cannabis growers for its high yielding characteristics. It has an early flowering season and Euforia is well suited for the indoor Cannabis gardener.
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Hollands Hope

Holland's Hope is a stable mix of Afghan and an early Skunk. Holland's Hope by Dutch Passion is an ideal plant for the outdoor grower cultivating in cool climates and where short summers may limit the
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Dutch Passion’s Mazar is a long awaited upgraded strain of the former Afghan/Skunk initially bred by Dutch Passion in 1997. Mazar is a very consistent Cannabis strain with an increased yield that is
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Orange Bud

A 100% Skunk selection, grows with thick hard buds and orange pistils. Orange Bud from Dutch Passion is a very appreciated variety. A Sativa/Indica Cannabis strain suitable for both the indoor and out
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Power Plant

Power Plant (mostly Sativa) developed in 1997 by Dutch Passion from new South African genetics . This potent cannabis strain has been inbred only and never hybridized. Medium to High THC concentration
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Purple #1

A strong plant (50% Indica, 50% Sativa), easy to grow. Purple Afghan seeds have been crossed in Holland with Indica and Sativa varieties since 1983. The plants are fully adapted to the Dutch climate a
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Shaman is Dutch Passions strongest outdoor cannabis strain able to withstand a variety of extreme conditions. Overall, Shaman is a tall bushy Cannabis plant that repeatedly produces heavy, compact, an
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Skunk #1

Winner of several cannabis harvest festivals, and the High Times Cannabis Cup. Skunk#1 (75% Sativa, 25% Indica) from Dutch Passion was originally a cross between 25% Afghani, 25% Mexican Acapulco Gol
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White Widow

White Widow is one of Dutch Passion’s MOST acclaimed varieties of recent years in Holland. These Cannabis plants are white washed with THC glands, even on big parts of the fan leaves. This is truly a
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White Widow X The Ultimate

You asked for it, and you got it! Dutch Passion created White Widow X The Ultimate to answer the demands of their greedy fans with a super-sticky, highly productive, turbo-charged mix of their two mos
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Since Dutch Passion opened their doors back in 1987, they've had a huge impact on the modern cannabis seed trade. While they many not have invented the ever-popular Original Blueberry, Dutch Passion was the company that made it a household name. Over the years, Dutch Passion has protected the original formula so that today's collector can continue to enjoy that potent, fruity goodness.

Dutch Passion is one of the few breeders that's brave enough to give the exact statistics for CBD, CBN & THC for just about every cannabis seed in their lineup. With this group, you always know exactly what you're getting from each marijuana seed's pedigree to its astounding, outrageous and sometimes completely insane effects. What else would you expect from a group of seed dudes who live & breathe high-quality beans?

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