Trinity Kush Feminized

The Older the Strain, The Sweeter the Smoke!

Trinity Kush Feminized is a proven classic you can always rely on. The effects are up & mellow, the flavour is earthy & sweet & the size is easy to manage. Upgraded to a 100% feminized seed & given a boost in power, Trinity Kush Feminized doesn't need any hype - she's just plain, old good!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Proven Genetic Mix
  • Indica-Dominant Hybrid
  • Perfect for Small Areas
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    Get Down Like It's 1979 With Old-School With Trinity Kush Feminized!

    New strains are way-cool, but sometimes you just need good, basic smoke like everyone toked back in the day. Trinity Kush Feminized is that strain!

    A potent mix of 76 Afghan & Master Kush, Trinity Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds have that distinctive sweet, earthy flavour with just a touch of hash - it's what good weed seeds were all about before all those fruity flavours pushed it to the side.

    • Trinity Kush Feminized is Delightfully Old-School
    • Mellow, Up & Happy - What Good Weed Seeds Should Be!
    • 90% Indica-Dom - Master Kush X 76 Afghan
    • Short with Single Tops - Perfect for SOG or Small Areas

    Trinity Kush Feminized Seeds are up, happy & extremely mellow. They'll take the edge off within minutes & plaster a goofy grin all over your face. What more do you really need?

    Small & chunky like any good Indica-dominant hybrid should be, Emerald Triangle Trinity Kush Feminized fits perfectly in the smallest spaces. Combined with their stonking-big single tops, that makes these cannabis seeds a breeze for SOG.

    This depiction of Trinity Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds is based entirely on the breeder specs created by Emerald Triangle Seeds. Check out the Rhino Seeds' disclaimer page to learn more.

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    Indoor ? Yes
    Outdoor ? Yes
    Cannabis Genetics 76 Afghan X Master Kush
    Flowering Time ? 8-9 weeks
    Flowering Outdoors Early October
    Yield ? Good
    Greenhouse ? Yes
    Trinity Kush Feminized is a classic Indica-dominant cannabis seed produced by the Emerald Triangle brand. Emerald Triangle Seeds, located in the actual Emerald Triangle district of Northern California, supplies the weed world with potent West Coast strains in both regular and feminized form. If you've been chasing Cali fire, this is it. Buy your Emerald Triangle Seeds from The Rhino today!