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Blueberry Headband thumbnail

Blueberry Headband

Blueberry Headband - What A Fashion Statement!

Blueberry Headband is a smokin' hot mix of 76 Blueberry, Pre '98 Bubba Kush, Emerald OG & Cali Sour D that tastes like a greasy diesel engine crossed with a bowl of fresh blueberries - it's freakishly good!

  • 50% Indica: 50% Sativa - Balanced Perfection!
  • Pungent Diesel X Sweet Berry X Spicy Pepper
Bubba 76 thumbnail

Bubba 76

Go Hardcore with Bubba 76 Cannabis Seeds!

If you're on the hunt for true couchlock, you can't go wrong with Bubba 76. This bodacious hybrid mixes 76 Afghani with Pre-98 Bubba Kush for stoned-to-the-bone heaven that'll keep you coming back for more!

  • Flavours Range from Sweet Berry to Biting Pepper
  • Impressive Yields & Outstanding Power - A Real Gem!
California Wildfire thumbnail

California Wildfire

Nothing Burns Brighter than California Wildfire!

End your search for high-powered weed seeds with California Wildfire. This electrifying new hybrid is only for the highly tolerant. Casual collectors should carefully back away!

  • Intended for the Most Experienced Only
  • Strong Chemdawg #4 Influence - Hardcore!
Cherry OG thumbnail

Cherry OG

Cherry OG - You Know It's Going to Be Good!

With a name like Cherry OG, you know this is the sh*t! Extremely dank with flavours that range from the sweetest cherry to extremely sour diesel, these impressive cannabis seeds always deliver. Get'cha some!

  • Cherry Thai Meets Lost Coast OG for Explosive Flavour
  • Great at 9 Weeks - Frickin' Awesome at 10
Emerald Jack thumbnail

Emerald Jack

Emerald Jack Gives Original Jack a Sour Twist!

Prepare to go totally insane! Emerald Jack will drive you crazy with a completely unique mix of luscious fruit and tangy Sour flavours. We've never tasted anything like it!

  • Original Jack Herer X Emerald OG - Posh!
  • Full-Flavoured, Sativa-Dominant Seeds
Grapefruit Krush thumbnail

Grapefruit Krush

Mmmmm - Grapefruit Krush!

What else can we say? According to The Rhino, Grapefruit Krush is the tastiest cannabis seed that Emerald Triangle has to offer - and that's saying a lot. Get ready to drool!

  • 70% Indica/30% Sativa - Carefree & Physically Relaxing
  • Outstanding Yields Outside - Mid-Range Inside
Lemon Diesel thumbnail

Lemon Diesel

Pucker Up Baby - Lemon Diesel is on the Prowl!

Lemon Diesel has an unmistakable flavour that tastes like fresh lemons dipped in pungent diesel fuel that's guaranteed to make your mouth water in anticipation.

  • Early OG X California Sour
  • 70% Indica/30% Sativa
Lost Coast OG thumbnail

Lost Coast OG

Toss that Map & Get Lost Coast OG!

No matter where you end up, it's good times! Lost Coast OG is the most highly sought-after NoCal seed for 1 reason: It's the good sh*t! Take a whiff & fall in lust with this Pakistani Kush, Lemon Thai, Chemdawg #4 mix!

  • Bred in the Actual Emerald Triangle
  • But Loves Colder Temps - Great for UK'ers!
Mastadon Kush thumbnail

Mastadon Kush

Mastadon Kush is a Stoned-to-the-Bone Killer!

Practically all Indica, Mastadon Kush is the poster child for ass-kicking Indicas. Crafted from both Master Kush & Pre-98 Bubba Kush, this potent F1 hybrid is sweet & peppery with a deep, comfortable couchlock.

  • Short & Chunky with Dank Nuggs from Tip to Stem
  • Brilliant for Hash - Overflowing with Rich Resin
Royal Purple Kush thumbnail

Royal Purple Kush

Royal Purple Kush is the Castle Cola Queen!

These monsters are truly massive & extremely strong. Energetic & peaceful at the same time, Royal Purple Kush is the perfect combination of sweet Black Afghani & delicious Bubba Kush.

  • 85% Indica: 15% Sativa with Well-Balanced Effects
  • Stronger than the Average Purple - High THC
Sour Lemon OG thumbnail

Sour Lemon OG

Get Up & Moving with Sour Lemon OG!

Leave couchlock behind & get ready to party with Sour Lemon OG! These mood-lifters are extremely energizing - perfect for meeting new people, dancing until dawn or chasing Rhinos through the warehouse.

  • Unbelievable Flavours - Social & Energizing
  • Cali Sour X A Very Unique Lemon OG
Super Sour OG thumbnail

Super Sour OG

Super Sour OG Digs LST Inside or Out!

Tie these babies down & you'll get more extremely sour smoke than you ever bargained for. Outdoors, Super Sour OG can go as 4 pounds with LST, and they're not too shabby inside. They're real monsters!

  • (Blueberry X Sour D X OG Kush) X Lost Coast OG
  • Tangy & Sour with a Faint Blueberry Finish
Trinity Kush thumbnail

Trinity Kush

Trinity Kush is a Rock-Solid Old-School Weed Seed

Bursting with old-school goodness, Trinity Kush is named in honour of Trinity County located right next door to the infamous Humboldt. You'll love this classic mellow Indica!

  • Proven Mix of 76 Afghan & Master Kush
  • 8-9 Weeks, Short & Stout, 90% Indica
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Emerald Triangle Crams 20 Years of Experience Into Every One of Their Weed Seeds!

With more than two decades of collective experience at their disposal, the men & women of Emerald Triangle Seeds have created an outstanding line of top-quality cannabis seeds. Although you can get feminized versions through their European division, we highly recommend trying Emerald Triangle Regular Seeds at least once for the authentic Northern California experience.

All Emerald Triangle Regular Seeds are bred on-site and in-house using all-natural propagation techniques by the dudes & dudettes who toiled over the original mothers & fathers. Only completely organic nutrients are used, and every strain is fully tested by both the Emerald Triangle staff & the local community. You can really depend on these beans to be the mutt's nutts!

  • Emerald Triangle Regular Seeds are Genuine NoCal Fire!
  • Created By 7 Way-Cool Male & Female Breeders
  • All Regular Seeds Created in the Actual Emerald Triangle
  • F1s to Pick Your Favourite Pheno & F6s for Total Control

Of course, selling 5-star cannabis seeds is only a means to an end for these friendly folks. The Emerald Triangle "Seeding the Future" motto kind of says it all. They're on a mission to preserve and improve current cannabis genetics for the coming generations so that mankind doesn't lose the healing benefits of this medicinal herb. When you buy Emerald Triangle Regular Seeds, you're supporting a very worthy cause!

For the best deal on shockingly good Emerald Triangle Regular Seeds, buy these babies from The Rhino! We guarantee you'll get the best prices in the UK on these magnificent cannabis seeds or we'll pay you for pointing out our f*ck up. Who else does that? Absolutely no one - that's who!

Buy Your Emerald Triangle Regular Seeds Today - They Always Bring the Fire!