Lemon Diesel

An Early OG Backcross

For creeping highs & in-your-face flavour, try Lemon Diesel! These cannabis seeds are rooted deep in early OG genetics with a fresh infusion of Cali Sour. The overall taste is heavy fuel, but you can't miss the brighter notes of fresh citrus & spicy pepper. Order now!
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Early OG Backcross
  • 70% Indica; 30% Sativa
  • Diesel, Citrus & Pepper
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    Lemon Diesel(1855)
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    Lemon Diesel's Intense Flavour is Unmistakable, Unbelievable & Unforgettable!

    Bursting with certified fire, Lemon Diesel Seeds will ruin you for weaker strains. These potent cannabis seeds offer shocking flavour, tantalizing aromas & a strong, creeping high that'll light you up for hours!

    It's not too hard to guess what Lemon Diesel tastes like, but the reality defies the imagination. The heavy diesel clings tenaciously to the palate while the crisp citrus & spicy pepper notes lighten the load. It's amazing!

    • Lemon Diesel is an Early OG Backcross
    • A Relaxing Creeper with Staying Power
    • 70% Indica: 30% Sativa - Perfect!
    • Heavy, Pungent, Diesel, Citrus & Pepper

    A true creeper, Emerald Triangle Lemon Diesel can sneak up on the careless toker. Take it easy with these cannabis seeds so that you can enjoy the relaxing sensation to the fullest. It'll ease your mind & loosen your body until you feel like a limp noodle - in a good way, of course!

    As an Emerald Cup top-10 finisher, Lemon Diesel Cannabis Seeds offer rock-solid smoke that goes way past dank. Yields are impressive with 3 to 4 massive tops even in the smallest places, a smart choice for SOG or SCROG.

    This description of Lemon Diesel Cannabis Seeds is based solely on Emerald Triangle's original material. Read our disclaimer page for more information.

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    Indoor ? Yes
    Outdoor ? Yes
    Cannabis Genetics Early OG X California Sour
    Flowering Time ? 9-12 weeks
    Flowering Outdoors Mid October
    Yield ? Good
    Greenhouse ? Yes
    Lemon Diesel is an OG-based cannabis seed created by Emerald Triangle Seeds. Located in the actual Emerald Triangle on the US West Coast, the Emerald Triangle Seed Company is on a mission to expose the entire world to the magic of authentic NoCal strains with a full collection of regular & 100% feminized seeds. Order yours today!