Lost Coast OG
Lose the map, skip the directions & get Lost Coast OG! A perfect example of today's California weed seeds, Lost Coast OG delivers true fire with a mix of top-shelf genetics from Pakistani Kush, Lemon Thai & turbo-charged Chemdawg #4. Drooool!
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Extremely Potent
  • 60% Indica: 40% Sativa
  • Highly Sought-After
  • Buy Lost Coast OG Now
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

Find Out What Cali Fire Is All About - Get the Always In-Demand Lost Coast OG!

Extremely potent, Lost Coast OG is a real knockout! She's no couchlocker, but these cannabis seeds will plaster a goofy grin on your face & turn you into the life of the party. You'll never get tired of this fun strain!

Fire, dank, the good sh*t - by any name, Lost Coast OG Seeds are absolutely brilliant with a 60% Indica: 40% Sativa ratio & genetics from proven heirloom strains Pakistani Kush & Lemon Thai plus a huge shot of the one & only Chemdawg #4.

  • Lost Coast OG Always Brings Fire!
  • Extremely Potent & Highly Sought-After
  • Loves Cooler Temps Like Those in the UK
  • All Emerald Triangle Regular Seeds are US-Bred

Like most top-quality hybrids, yields suffer just a little to obtain 5-star status, but Lost Coast OG Cannabis Seeds are fairly generous. The extra-wide nodes quickly fill with enormous, rock-hard nuggs about the size of golf balls.

If you're not sure about putting a Northern Cali strain in a UK environment, put those worries to bed. Emerald Triangle Lost Coast OG loves cooler temps just as much as you'll love its Kushy/Sour/Citrus flavour!

This account of Lost Coast OG Cannabis Seeds is based on Emerald Triangle's breeder specifications. Check out our disclaimer page to learn more.

Flowering Time
8-9 weeks
Flowering Outdoors
End of September
Sativa/Indica Notes
60% Indica: 40% Sativa
Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
Cannabis Genetics
(Pakistani Kush X Lemon Thai) X Chemdawg #4
Average - Tall

For a truly epic smoke, buy Lost Coast OG Cannabis Seeds. This amazing hybrid is the perfect example of what California breeders are capable of producing. They mixed heirloom Pakistani Kush & Lemon Thai with the completely unique Chemdawg #4 to create true fire. You'll love 'em!

Just because you can legally buy Lost Coast OG for your cannabis seed collection in the UK doesn't mean you can do anything else without getting in trouble. All forms of germination & cultivation are strictly prohibited. For more information, see our disclaimer page.

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  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Extremely Potent
  • 60% Indica: 40% Sativa
  • Highly Sought-After
  • Buy Lost Coast OG Now

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Lost Coast OG is a popular cannabis seed created by Emerald Triangle Seeds. A US-based seed company, Emerald Triangle is located in the heart of the American weed country and staffed by one of the most experienced crews in the industry. You won't be disappointed by any marijuana seed crafted by this respected breeder. Order your genuine Emerald Triangle Seeds today!