Special Mix 2
Special Mix 2 showcases 3 intense Eva Seeds’ strains including sweet Jamaican Dream, tasty Veneno and aromatic Nexus! For high power, stupendous yields and scrumptious flavours, check out Special Mix 2!
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    Free shipping and seeds

    Special Mix 2 includes three diverse strains by Eva Seeds! Completely feminized and ready to go, these lovely ladies are packing heat with intense power, awesome yields and decadent flavours.

    Jamaican Dream is a 90% Sativa hybrid that only needs about 42 to 45 days of bloom! Fast and potent, Jamaican Dream has won more than her fair share of Cups thanks to her sweet aroma and flavour. Indoors, yields can reach 70 gr/m2 while outside these numbers go all the way to a full kilogram.

    • 6 Potent Feminized Cannabis Seeds
    • Refreshing Fruit Flavours & Aromas
    • A Powerful Mixture of Indica and Sativa Genetics
    • A Delightful Mix of Medium-High, High and Very High THC Levels!

    A high-powered Indica-dominant strain, Veneno marijuana seeds have high yields and very high THC ratings. This mix of Monster and Papa’s Candy delivers huge, heavy nuggs with a delightful strawberry flavour. Indoors, Veneno can reach the 80 gr/m2 mark, but the totals go all the way to 1.5 kg outside.

    Nexus was developed to work well in the poorest medium. An aromatic mix of Brasil and Blue, this rich, Sativa-dominant strain is very cerebral with a flavour that blends fresh earth and incense. Enjoy 60 gr/m2 yields inside and 1 kg yields outside.

    At Rhino Seeds, our Special Mix 2 Cannabis Seeds are the real deal, but they don’t look like these descriptions. Shipped as dormant collectibles, we do not intend them to be used for cultivation, germination or any other illegal activity.

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    Eva Seeds is another boutique breeder that caters to connoisseurs and experimental collectors. Their catalog is small, but every single cannabis seed is designed to be savored to the very last puff! At Eva Seeds, the yields are good, the maintenance is low and the prices are more than affordable. If you're looking for a unique strain with an exquisite aroma, a smooth flavour and unbelievable power, step up to a perfect cannabis seed developed by Eva Seeds!