Special Mix 3
Discover a new side of Eva Seeds with Special Mix 3! This collection of hot new strains includes TNT Kush, Papa’s Candy & Pink Plant. With the variety found in Special Mix 3, you’ll have potent blaze to fit your every mood!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    The Eva Seeds Special Mix 3 collection of feminized cannabis seeds is guaranteed to make your taste buds get up and dance with an amazing array of new flavour sensations! Chosen from the latest members of the Eva Seeds’ family, these beans are delicious, potent and high-yielding – just what you’re looking for in premium blaze!

    TNT Kush is a pure Indica strain with explosive yields and soaring THC levels that defy tolerance levels. The hard, compact blaze is strong & relaxing, a great choice for quiet evenings or medicinal use. TNT Kush smells like cypress and walnut with hints of cherry and star fruit while the taste is a drool-worthy mix of chocolate and bitter almond.

    • 6 Hot New Feminized Cannabis Seeds!
    • Endless Variety – Something for Your Every Mood
    • 3 Distinct Flavour Combinations
    • High THC & Amazing Yields

    Papa’s Candy is a 90% Indica with multiple High Life awards and high THC levels. This feminized seed is a connoisseur’s dream with amazing resin output and a delicate, sweet flavour that has just a touch of aniseed. Papa’s Candy leaves you feeling relaxed, but it also has a touch of the cerebral if you’re looking for a little creative inspiration.

    Pink Plant is the one Sativa-dominant hybrid in this group! These cannabis seeds have a very discreet fruit aroma paired with a flavour that mixes fresh loquat with eucalyptus. In addition to the enormous pink nuggs on this baby, you’ll enjoy the potent cerebral effects. Yields can reach up to 2 kg when placed outside.

    If you’re looking for authentic weeds seeds at the best prices, you’ve found the right place! At Rhino, we make sure every set of Eva Seeds Special Mix 3 Cannabis Seeds are fresh and shipped right away. However, these beans won’t look like this description, and it’s illegal to cultivate or germinate these little beauties when they arrive.

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    Eva Seeds is another boutique breeder that caters to connoisseurs and experimental collectors. Their catalog is small, but every single cannabis seed is designed to be savored to the very last puff! At Eva Seeds, the yields are good, the maintenance is low and the prices are more than affordable. If you're looking for a unique strain with an exquisite aroma, a smooth flavour and unbelievable power, step up to a perfect cannabis seed developed by Eva Seeds!