Auto NL
Auto NL has it going on! This potent little AutoFem is all Northern Lights but even easier and faster than the original. For more power and less work, give Auto NL a try!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    The quintessential beginner-friendly strain for indoors just got easier! Auto NL is so simple anyone can do it. Think there’s a catch? Give AutoNL Seeds a try and you’ll be amazed – or totally stoned!

    For more than 15 years, the best breeders in the biz refined Northern Lights until this legendary marijuana seed became a precise weapon of THC destruction! With each improvement, they’ve added more THC, more resin, more yield and more intensity. With Auto NL Seeds, you get one more thing: super-simple autoflowering capabilities.

    • Northern Lights X Ruderalis
    • 100% Feminized & Totally Automatic
    • Super Potent & Extra Sticky
    • A Smart Choice for Beginners & SOG

    If you’re just starting out, you can’t go wrong with an automated version of a classic cannabis seed just like Auto Northern Lights by Female Seeds. Backed by proven genetics and a world-class purveyor of premium feminized seeds, your road to cannabis success will most definitely be paved in gold and THC!

    The Rhino is another smart choice for the green horn! To make your life easier, the prices are low and the shipping is fast whether you're going with Auto NL Cannabis Seeds or one of our other high-grade beans. Get yours today!

    5 Seeds
    well personally,I find it hard to get a hold of any seeds because of my location. However,i bought some auto NL to sit on my shelf with thebother seeds in my collection. And they just look great!?!! Great price! Great service! Great seeds! Great
    Slendaman - 15 November 2012 21:03:16

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    Based in the Netherlands, Female Seeds makes collecting world-class feminized seeds easy and affordable! To achieve this goal, Female Seeds focuses much of their energy on reliability testing. Every new batch of seeds is put through a stringent quality control process to ensure they have a 95% or higher germination rate. Batches that don't meet this minimum standard are instantly destroyed. Feminized seeds that make the grade are kept in environmentally controlled vaults before they are packaged in protective containers with batch numbers and creation dates for shipping. How awesome is that?