Black Widow
Ready to take a walk on the dark side? Black Widow Feminized flaunts convention & seduces her more than willing victims with a trap baited with sticky resin & mind-blowing power! Black Widow is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that smells like fine wine and taste
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds


    Welcome to the dark side! Black Widow Feminized, the newly crowned Queen of Cannabis, will instantly bend you to her will with immense power, decadent flavours, exotic fragrances and a sticky web of potent resin!

    This notorious cannabis seed is a killer mix of Brazilian Sativa and South Indian genetics. Exceptionally stable, Black Widow Feminized Seeds have yields that put White Widow to shame. The bouquet is like a fine wine, and the thick, expansive flavour mixes a variety of exotic herbs and spices.

    • Brazilian Sativa X South Indian
    • More Resin than White Widow!
    • Complex, Spicy Flavour
    • X-Line Quality – Premium Seeds!

    This Sativa-dominant strain only takes about 9 weeks to finish with immense yields of hard, tight nuggs completely coated in sticky resin. If you’ve always wanted to try a Sativa, this is one marijuana seed you don’t want to miss!

    At Rhino Seeds, just the mention of Black Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds makes us start to sweat! Get these hot little beans while they’re here & ready to go! We’ll ship them out as fast as humanly possible, but they won’t look like this! Our marijuana seeds are meant to be collected rather than germinated or cultivated.

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