Purple Maroc

Purple Maroc is potent & pleasing! Its lovely lavender colour is easy on the eyes, and the fragrance is so good you’ll want to bury your face in it. Purple Maroc starts off high before mellowing to a chill stone without a bit of edginess.
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Purple Maroc is the best eye candy you’ll ever toke! This powerful cannabis seed develops a delicate lavender hue and a floral fragrance that smells great fresh or dried. You’ll be tempted to bury your face in the massive nuggs to inhale the power, but don’t do it! This stuff has so much resin it’s like Super Glue!

If you’re working in a colder climate, Purple Maroc Seeds are a great choice for outdoors. This hardy strain finishes early without any mould problems. Don’t make the mistake of starting indoors – this marijuana seed is semi-autoflowering and will finish a little too early if you do.

  • Purple Power X Moroccan
  • Delicate Lavender Hues & Pleasant Aromas!
  • Soaring Highs & Chill Stones
  • Recommended for Outdoors

Even though Purple Maroc Seeds look and smell great, that’s not what you want in a premium feminized seed. These babies start off with a smooth, anxiety-free high before mellowing into a chill stone that’ll put you right at ease.

The Rhino has a few other ways to keep his herd from worrying! Whether you order Purple Maroc Cannabis Seeds or any other top-rated bean from our site, you’ll be covered by the unmatched Rhino guarantee! We’re the only seed bank in the world that promises you’ll be happy as a laughing hyena with your new beans.

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Outdoor ? Yes
Cannabis Genetics Purple Power X Morrocan
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