Skunk Special
Skunk Special pushes stinky power right over the edge! This super-refined feminized seed has more power, faster speeds, bigger nuggs, a stinkier smell and a higher buzz than any other member of this pungent family. If you can only choose one, make it Skun
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds


    Skunk Special Seeds are amazing outdoors. They love natural sunlight and offer inside quality even when placed in wide open spaces. Over the years, this cannabis seed has been honed to razor-sharp precision for the utmost in stability & dependability.

    • Mexican Columbian Sativa
    • Faster, Bigger & Better than Any Other Skunk!
    • An Official Sam the Skunkman Special
    • Indoor Quality in Outdoor Venues!

    If you believe the stories, Skunk Special Feminized got its start with the legendary Sam the Skunk Man. Even though it has been further improved by the best breeders in Amsterdam, many of the more experienced collectors still call this marijuana seed a “Sammy.”

    As legend has it, our man Sam reviewed more than 10,000 different samples to choose the perfect breeding stock for Skunk Special Cannabis Seeds! The Rhino might not go that far, but he does guarantee every single seed that ships out of our warehouse.

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    pickles - 13 February 2013 15:28:44

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    Based in the Netherlands, Female Seeds makes collecting world-class feminized seeds easy and affordable! To achieve this goal, Female Seeds focuses much of their energy on reliability testing. Every new batch of seeds is put through a stringent quality control process to ensure they have a 95% or higher germination rate. Batches that don't meet this minimum standard are instantly destroyed. Feminized seeds that make the grade are kept in environmentally controlled vaults before they are packaged in protective containers with batch numbers and creation dates for shipping. How awesome is that?